Jab We Ate: Kolkata’s First On-demand Homemade Food Delivery Startup by Saurabh Dhanuka

Posted on: 16th Jul, 2016

Ordering cooked food and placing an order to cook food are as different as chalk from cheese. Cooked food may not come with your choicest ingredients but the food cooked as per your requirement is sure to be fulfilling. If you prefer placing orders to cook food for delivery to your address over ordering cooked […]

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Babar Naam Gandhiji is a Must-watch Film on Kolkata Street Child at Hyderabad Bengali Film Festival

Posted on: 29th Jun, 2016

Salaam Bombay,  I am Kalam, and Slumdog Millionaire are the most familiar titles among the films on street children in India. While Mira Nair’s Salaam Bombay is a documentary-like film on the grim lives of street urchins in seedy slums and lanes of Bombay, I am Kalam is a social welfare film depicting how the […]

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Interview of Writer Sourabh Mukherjee, Author of “In the Shadows of Death”

Posted on: 2nd Feb, 2016

From an electronics and telecommunication engineer to a romantic story teller to a crime fiction writer; the journey of author Sourabh Mukherjee knows no stop. In the Shadows of Death is the latest from his literary repertoire which also includes a collection of romantic stories. He is also a speaker and writer for several publications […]

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Instances of ‘What Bengal Thinks Today India Thinks Tomorrow’

Posted on: 19th Oct, 2015

“What Bengal thinks today India thinks tomorrow”, a debated saying, came to my mind when I stumbled upon a few Facebook posts about India’s first transgender Durga idol worship in Kolkata. Though many non-Bengalis sniff at the saying on grounds of the lack of commercial development in Bengal, the saying has been true about the […]

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Movies to be Screened at Hyderabad Bengali Film Festival 2015

Posted on: 30th May, 2015

The breathless waiting to know which Bengali movies will be screened at Hyderabad Bengali Film Festival 2015 is over as the group, Bengalis in Hyderabad, has unveiled the final list. HBFF was initiated in 2014, with the purpose of connecting the Bengalis in Hyderabad with Bengali Cinema and introducing the culture of Bengal to other […]

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6 Reasons to Watch Amitabh & Deepika in ‘Piku’

Posted on: 18th Apr, 2015

Shoojit Sirkar’s Piku is going to see daylight on 8th May. From its trailers on YouTube.com, Piku seems to be a promising entertainer with emotive overtones and comic overtures. Shot in Kolkata, Piku is a poetry full of nostalgia. Those who have watched Shoojit Sirkar’s Vicky Donor are eager to know what makes Piku movie […]

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HHI Kolkata offers ‘Baisakhi Bhuribhoj’ with Kadambari cast members at Kalash

Posted on: 15th Apr, 2015

Immerse yourself in the celebration of the Bengali New Year as Kalash at the HHI Kolkata has rung the bell for ‘Baisakhi Bhuribhoj’, a Bengali New Year special revelry for foodies of the city. This Bengali food festival commenced on April 10 and will continue till 19th of this month. ‘Baisakhi Bhuribhoj’ is a sumptuous […]

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Kolkata Film Festival: Tanuja & Tanishaa with Bengali Actors

Posted on: 11th Nov, 2014

Today, Tanuja and Tanishaa Mukherjee graced the 20th Kolkata Film Festival with their glittering presence. The mother daughter duo has had a nice time with some of the noted actors from the Bengali entertainment industry. Tanuja’s Marathi film Pitruroon has been screened at KIFF today. Tanuja and Tanishaa have recently announced that they are going […]

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KCR & Mamata Banerjee are two sides of the same coin

Posted on: 26th Oct, 2014

Kalavakuntala Chandrashekar Rao or KCR is a politician of different qualities which are similar to the traits of no other Indian diplomats than Mamata Banerjee. Both are chief ministers. They have many things in common with each other. They are more or less the same in behavior and leadership. Amazing similarities are found in their […]

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Two Bengali recipes for Durga puja 2014

Posted on: 23rd Sep, 2014

Today is Mahalaya. The most-awaited time of the year to get together with friends and indulge in endless gossip with them over food has come. Which Bengali recipes are you going to entertain your guests this Durga puja 2014? No festivity is a joy without food in the City of Joy. When it comes to […]

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