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Timeless Ethnic Fashion of India from Royal Ladies to Modern Women

Posted on: 17th Mar, 2016

Trends are temporary fads. Trends come and go. What remains true to all times and in all ages is our heritage. Heritage is a collective term for history, traditions, customs, art and culture which define the identity of an ethnic entity or community or tribe. Heritage never dies. Ethnic fashion from traditional lehengas to today’s […]

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Nargis the house of ethnic fashion launches exclusive bridal collection 2014

Posted on: 5th Feb, 2014

With wedding season around the corner, Nargis the house of ethnic fashion has launched their exquisite ethnic fashion wedding collection, representing the colorful and rich culture of Indian wedding. The collection includes styles for a modern bride who demands contemporary styling but with an inspiration from Indian traditions. It offers its patrons a variety of […]

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JADE unveils Gold Mogra – women’s ethnic fashion wear collection

Posted on: 27th Jan, 2014

JADE unveiled the latest women’s fashion collection “The Gold Mogra” by the designer duo – Monica Shah and Karishma Swali. The JADE festive wear collection embodies the fashion trends 2014 in every detail from opulent layers of fabric, succulent shades of colours, thrilling embroidery and intricate metal work. “The Gold Mogra” is a treasure trove […]

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BIBA launches latest monsoon fashion trends 2013

Posted on: 17th Jun, 2013

With monsoon around the corner, BIBA gives you a chance to revive your wardrobe and enjoy the season to the fullest. Brace the rainy day with BIBA’s latest monsoon offerings in bright and lively colors. The four new ranges from BIBA’s monsoon fashion collection embraces an array of kurtas in breathable cotton fabric, where each […]

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Wedding galore: Special wedding collection by Utsav Fashion

Posted on: 31st May, 2013

Indian weddings are all about glitter, fun, shopping in galore. Every girl dreams of looking her best on her wedding day with the perfect dash of make-up and a ravishing Indian bridal wear. Utsav Fashion, India’s leading online shopping portal offering the best collection of Indian ethnic clothes has unveiled its latest ensemble of the […]

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Woman’s day shopping carnival showcases ensembles of Shouger Merchant Doshi

Posted on: 1st Mar, 2013

Mumbai, March 2013: Its 100th International Woman’s Day! The day of women to feel their individuality, realize their existence, find a new meaning to life and look their best. To add to the occasion the young trio of Fiesta Expositions are organizing – Woman’s Day Shopping Carnival – a one day event celebrating the spirit […]

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Tvashtar Fashion Show 2013 captures beauty of world countries in fabric

Posted on: 15th Feb, 2013

Mumbai, February 2013:  TVASHTAR 2013, a fashion show by the 29 graduating students of Sophia Polytechnic’s Dress Designing and Garment Manufacturing department promises to enthrall audiences with its unique portrayal of cultural heritage of the world in spellbinding ingenious collections on 16th February 2013 at Sophia Campus. The canvas is wide. From France to Germany to […]

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Seymore’ & ‘Tamanna Sarees’ showcase their collection at a fashion show with a cause

Posted on: 16th Jan, 2013

Inspired by the rich heritage of India, Seymore & Tamanna Sarees– the most aspired saree brands, unveiled the latest collection of their unique range of elegant sarees for all occasions at the fashion show with a cause. The event saw rigorous efforts put together by the designers to extend their support in raising a voice for the […]

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Designer Shouger Merchant Doshi launches Christmas & New Year fashion collection

Posted on: 17th Dec, 2012

Mumbai, December 2012: Dressing up for a Christmas and New Year parties is a big part of the celebration. Time to dump those jeans and fade T-shirts and grab all your party dresses. Designer Shouger Merchant Doshi launches new festive collection to make you look the most glamorous lady of the party. The collection consists of effervescent gowns, shimmery skirts, […]

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Expressionist – signature on Indian ethnic fashion with exotic style

Posted on: 8th Dec, 2012

Indian fashion is highly expressive of Indian beauty and its elegance. Expressionist, the latest women’s fashion collection by designer Jaspreet, is a signature on this statement. Indian ethnicity and royalty is harmoniously blended with new-age cut and look in the design of the women’s fashion outfits in the line, Expressionist. The fusion of Indian ethnic […]

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