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My Eureka Moments at Festival of Appealing Appams at Taj Deccan Hyderabad

Posted on: 22nd Jun, 2016

It is rightly said, “Little knowledge is dangerous.” When I was in Kolkata, I used to labour under the thought, “No other food than fish in Bengal has so many varieties.” After I relocated to Hyderabad, I came to know different varieties of biryani. If I had not been to Appam food festival at Taj […]

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United Kitchens of India’s Jashn-e-Hyderabad Food Festival is Simply Unmissable

Posted on: 1st Jun, 2016

United Kitchens of India is one of the few Hyderabad restaurants delighting foodies to their stomachs’ content with back-to-back food festivals. Following the success of Bengali food festival in April, UKI is up with Jashn-e-Hyderabad, an absolute gastronomic euphoria for Hyderabadis on the occasion of Telangana Formation Day’s second anniversary. What is the most special […]

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Review: Brewski on the Sizzle, Yummy Kebab Fest at Kebab-E-Bahar, Taj Banjara

Posted on: 25th May, 2016

Open-air dining on breezy evenings is one of my fantasies, and a dimly lit, calm alfresco setting far from the glaring city lights deepens it. I found Taj Banjara’s shahi restaurant Kebab-E-Bahar with a private lake just after this fantasy of mine during the ongoing food festival: Brewski on the Sizzle. Though located in Banjara […]

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Bengali Food in Hyderabad: United Kitchens of India vs Nabanno

Posted on: 23rd Apr, 2016

I had a full-on gastronomic celebration of the Bengali New Year over Bengali food in Hyderabad. Dancing to the tune of the foodie in me, I visited two restaurants, United Kitchens of India and Nabanno, on this occasion. Both of these restaurants came up with a unique Bengali Food Festival in Hyderabad. I found some […]

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Taj Krishna presents Kashmiri Food Festival with Chef Special Dishes from Wazwan Cuisine of Kashmir at Firdaus

Posted on: 21st Feb, 2016

“Yaadein mithai ke dibbe ki tarah hoti hai….ek baar khula toh sirf ek tukda nahi kha paoge” (Memories are like a box of sweets…once it opens then you can’t eat just one piece). I recalled these filmy words from Bollywood movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani when my foodie companion (also an eminent food blogger) Sabyasachi […]

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Absolute Barbeques’ Seafood Festival is a Refreshing Change for Taste Buds

Posted on: 7th Feb, 2016

Winter is playing hide and seek with Hyderabad. It’s sometimes warm and sometimes cold. Foodies in Hyderabad badly needed a refreshing change for their taste buds in tune with the fickle minded atmosphere. Absolute Barbeque came up with a seafood festival in response to them. “How deep you can dive!” is the theme of the […]

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Coastal Thali Food Festival at Taj Deccan Offers Good Bengali Food in Hyderabad

Posted on: 4th Nov, 2015

Taj Deccan Hyderabad is celebrating the diversity of coastal cuisines of Indian Peninsula from Kathiawar in Gujarat to Kolaghat in Bengal through Karwar, Konkani, Chettinad and Malvani in South India, making it a big opportunity for the cosmopolitan populace of Hyderabad City to explore the culinary varieties of India’s coastal regions this festive season. I […]

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The Best of Korean Food at Syn, Taj Deccan Hyderabad

Posted on: 15th Oct, 2015

I have been fortunate enough to attend Spanish food festival, Greek food festival, French food festival and Afghani food festival in Kolkata. But the taste of Korean food did not happen to my taste buds till I attended the Korean Food Festival at Syn Asian Grill & Bar, Taj Deccan Hyderabad, last week. Taj Deccan […]

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Taj Krishna Hyderabad Hosts Wine and Steak Festival at Alfresco

Posted on: 22nd Sep, 2015

Hyderabad has been in the swing of rains for past few days. Rains might have set in not at the right time (after the rainy season is over), but Taj Krishna introduced the Taj Svara Wines at the right time. Taj Krishna Hyderabad unveiled the brand new red wine from Fratelli Wines during the launch […]

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Review: Onam Sadya & Kerala Food Fest at Madras Café, Hyderabad

Posted on: 28th Aug, 2015

“There is no sincere love than the love of food,” says George Bernard Shaw. I remembered this famous quote on food by one of my favorite British dramatists, during the Kerala Food Festival at Madras Café & Co in Hitech City, Hyderabad. Neidhi Kumar from and Chetan Chhabra from The Network Bug organized a […]

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