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Snacks recipes of Rajasthan

Posted on: 19th Oct, 2014

Got bored with enough of Diwali sweets every year? Try some of the best Indian snacks from the cuisine of Rajasthan this Diwali. The food of Rajasthan is equally popular for its sweet essence and snacky flavour. Barsa Dolla, Jodhpuri Pakoda and Surti Plaza – the snacks of Rajasthan – are among the most delicious […]

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Best Festival food recipes for Diwali by Chef Bhuvanesh Kalburgi

Posted on: 15th Oct, 2013

No doubt, India boasts the best festival food recipes in the world. Not a single festival is celebrated without the sweetening of mouths in the states of India. When it is Diwali, each Indian state tries to outsmart the other with its own festival recipes. Chef Bhuvanesh Kalburgi, a diehard food lover, is sharing the […]

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Festival recipes for Diwali | Apple Almond Rabdi

Posted on: 12th Oct, 2013

Celebration of festivals in India means lots of eating this and that. Most of festival foods in different regional communities of India are sugary, oily and spicy. We are fond of indulging in gastronomic sins over platefuls of puris, fries and sweets, without caring for our heart, stomach, waistline and weight. Let’s try something simple […]

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Festival recipes for Dussehra celebration by Silverspoon Gourmet

Posted on: 7th Oct, 2013

With the beginning of Navratri, the festive season of India is on a roll. Now is the time to cook up sweet festival food items for Dussehra celebration through sweetening of mouths. Silverspoon Gourmet, a Mumbai based catering service and gourmet gifting brand, shares the festival recipes of Pistachio Rose Yogurt and Almond Date & […]

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