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Jab We Ate: Kolkata’s First On-demand Homemade Food Delivery Startup by Saurabh Dhanuka

Posted on: 16th Jul, 2016

Ordering cooked food and placing an order to cook food are as different as chalk from cheese. Cooked food may not come with your choicest ingredients but the food cooked as per your requirement is sure to be fulfilling. If you prefer placing orders to cook food for delivery to your address over ordering cooked […]

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Bengali Food in Hyderabad: United Kitchens of India vs Nabanno

Posted on: 23rd Apr, 2016

I had a full-on gastronomic celebration of the Bengali New Year over Bengali food in Hyderabad. Dancing to the tune of the foodie in me, I visited two restaurants, United Kitchens of India and Nabanno, on this occasion. Both of these restaurants came up with a unique Bengali Food Festival in Hyderabad. I found some […]

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United Kitchens of India Beefs up its Bengali Menu for Foodies in Hyderabad this Winter

Posted on: 13th Dec, 2015

I am sure Bengalis in Hyderabad will not miss Kolkata this winter. Thanks to United Kitchens of India for adding some of the most popular dishes from the Bengali cuisine to their menu! I along with other food bloggers in Hyderabad attended the Bengali food tasting session at United Kitchens of India, on invitation from […]

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