99-year old Freedom Fighter from Bengal Receives Padma Shri for Welfare of the Poor in Sunderbans

Posted on: 7th Apr, 2018

One of the Padma Shri winners in 2018, Sudhanshu Biswas was a freedom fighter in British India. A diehard believer in Swami Vivekananda’s teachings, he has committed himself in service to humanity. His life is a concrete manifestation of “Jibe Prem Kore Jei Jon, Sei Jon Sebiche Ishwar” (A person who serves humanity, serves god). […]

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Don’t Miss These Durga Puja Pandals and Themes in Kolkata This Year 2016

Posted on: 6th Oct, 2016

The most awaited time of the year has arrived. The grand festivity of Bengal has already begun. Today is Maha Panchami. If you have not yet got a list of which Durga puja pandals to see in Kolkata this year and why, I have a list of the most innovative pandals and themes brought by […]

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Instances of ‘What Bengal Thinks Today India Thinks Tomorrow’

Posted on: 19th Oct, 2015

“What Bengal thinks today India thinks tomorrow”, a debated saying, came to my mind when I stumbled upon a few Facebook posts about India’s first transgender Durga idol worship in Kolkata. Though many non-Bengalis sniff at the saying on grounds of the lack of commercial development in Bengal, the saying has been true about the […]

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MakeMyTrip: Where is Netaji in Your Story of India’s Journey towards Independence?

Posted on: 16th Aug, 2015

Is Netaji the forgotten hero in India’s journey towards freedom? This controversial question knocked me this 69th Independence Day of India when I came across a few blog posts, videos and articles including MakeMyTrip’s visual tribute to the freedom of India. It is nice to see MakeMyTrip’s creative way of telling the story of India’s […]

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KCR & Mamata Banerjee are two sides of the same coin

Posted on: 26th Oct, 2014

Kalavakuntala Chandrashekar Rao or KCR is a politician of different qualities which are similar to the traits of no other Indian diplomats than Mamata Banerjee. Both are chief ministers. They have many things in common with each other. They are more or less the same in behavior and leadership. Amazing similarities are found in their […]

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Two Bengali recipes for Durga puja 2014

Posted on: 23rd Sep, 2014

Today is Mahalaya. The most-awaited time of the year to get together with friends and indulge in endless gossip with them over food has come. Which Bengali recipes are you going to entertain your guests this Durga puja 2014? No festivity is a joy without food in the City of Joy. When it comes to […]

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Fashion through the eyes of Rituparno Ghosh

Posted on: 21st Sep, 2014

With Mahalaya on the day after tomorrow, the air is thick with the fever of festivity in Bengal. The construction of towering pandals, the making of lifelike idols, the noisy ambience of markets, and the busyness of Bengalis shopping for the best fashion of the year are reflecting the usual festive fervor of Durga Puja […]

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Kirti Kulhari, heroine of JAL, in Bengali fashion

Posted on: 18th Mar, 2014

“Do in Rome as the Romans do”. It seems from her appearance in Bengali fashion during the press conference of her upcoming Bollywood movie JAL (water) with Purab Kohli in Kolkata that Kirti Kulhari is much familiar with this maxim. Yes, she appeared as a Bengali girl to promote her film (to be released on […]

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‘Lungi’ dance of Indian politicians

Posted on: 15th Mar, 2014

In India, the political opponents have been playing holi smearing each other’s face with dark, dirty colors for a long time before arrival of the actual festival. The most active holi players are the leading parties’ candidates contesting for the Prime Minister’s hot seat. Besides playing the dirty game of colors, they have been performing […]

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Exhibition of Kalighat Paintings in New Delhi

Posted on: 14th Feb, 2014

Bhavna Minocha & Ruchika Jain presents a never before exhibited collection of the famous paintings by renowned MASTERS OF BENGAL and the World famous KALIGHAT PAINTINGS. The works in this exhibition collectively demonstrate both the heritage & legacy of Bengal Art. Experience the revolutionary spirit of Grand Masters & Masters of Bengal ….RABINDRANATH TAGORE, JAMINI ROY, DEBI PROSAD ROY CHOUDHURY, […]

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