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Attukal Pongala: A religious festival of cooking pots in Kerala

Posted on: 31st Mar, 2013

Indian culture is full of religious beliefs and customs. Most of the religious festivals of grand nature are dedicated to different incarnations of the Goddess of power, wealth and learning. If Navaratri is the greatest festival of Gujarat in terms of elegance, and Durga puja is the grandest festival of Bengal in terms of extravagance, […]

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Interview with Sapna Bhatia, international journalist & founder of

Posted on: 24th Mar, 2013

India is full of stories from north to south, and from east to west. Of the most enthusiastic storytellers and story collectors, Sapna Bhatia is the one who presents the beauty, colors, diversity and splendors of India through visually appealing stories in form of her video magazine online, An international journalist, she has taken […]

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Interview with Divita Kanoria, founder of The Vedic Collection Tatha

Posted on: 7th Mar, 2013

The consistent support behind the growth and development of Tatha, one of the leading brands in the natural healthcare industry, is Divita Kanoria. Founder of The Vedic Collection, and Chief Wellness Officer, she made Tatha a household name. An expert in aroma therapy, Divita loves experimenting with natural oils and ingredients. She started her entrepreneurial […]

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Interview with Tishaa Khosla, youngest Indian English author

Posted on: 6th Mar, 2013

The age of 18 is the period of youthfulness, vivacity and adventure. Bearing evidence to this fact is the story of Tishaa Khosla, the youngest Indian English author. An avid reader and profilic writer, Tishaa hit the jackpot as one of the Indian bestselling authros in English, with her debut novel Pink or Black. The […]

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Interview with Shivangi Mehta & Payal Seth: founders of

Posted on: 5th Mar, 2013

Most of the successful ecommerce businesses in India are owned by male entrepreneurs. Shivangi Mehta and Payal Seth are the names to mention among the few young women entrepreneurs in Indian ecommerce industry. Driven by a passion for business online, Shivangi and Payal ventured into the virtual market with, a thriving fashion & lifestyle […]

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Interview with Kanchan Naikawadi Director of Indus Health Plus

Posted on: 5th Mar, 2013

The story of Ms Kanchan Naikawadi is that of an ambitious homemaker, career woman, successful businesswoman and inspiring woman entrepreneur. Director of Indus Health Plus, a leading preventive healthcare brand in India, Ms Kanchan has been the driving force behind the growth and development of Indus Health Plus. She is blessed with multiple abilities including […]

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Interview with Mamta Mamta founder of BlueLotus

Posted on: 26th Feb, 2013

 “A woman for women.” This is what best describes Mamta Mamta as a woman entrepreneur on a mission of women empowerment in Indian society, urban and rural. Founder and Director of BlueLotus, the dynamic platform for designers and artisans across the country, Mamta Mamta stops at nothing to generate employment and professional opportunities for women. […]

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Interview with Fateh Ali Khan Sitar maestro in Indian Classical music

Posted on: 16th Feb, 2013

Of the contemporary Sitar maestros in India, Fateh Ali Khan is a shining star. With the ancestral root lying deep in Indian Classical Music, he took up Sitar at the tender age. He has inherited the legacy of Classical Music from his family of Sarangi players of the Moradabad Gharana. Fateh Ali Khan got a […]

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Interview with Nidhi Munim famous resort wear designer

Posted on: 10th Feb, 2013

Nidhi Munim, a Bachelor of Fashion Technology from NIFT in Kolkata, is one of the contemporary Indian fashion designers. With specialization in designing customized high-end swimwear or resort wear, she has earned the fame of working on such premier labels as “Global Desi”, “Anita Dongre Grassroot” and “Anita Dongre Interpret”. Mallika Sherawat, Gul Panag and […]

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Interview with Rohit Kumar Singh Jadon, author of A Short Affair Called Life

Posted on: 2nd Feb, 2013

A question is a solution in itself. It gives birth to an invention, a discovery or a creation. It was a question that moved Sir Isaac Newton to discover the three laws of the universe. Attempts to answer the questions about human life and its goal transformed Siddharth into Goutam Buddha. The same took the […]

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