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Interview with Ankit Nagpal, Director of

Posted on: 26th Jul, 2013

From employment to entrepreneurship, Mr. Ankit Nagpal is a living story of ambition, dedication, determination and perseverance. Director of, Ankit had started his journey as an employee from a Gurgaon based international call center. A stint in an advertising agency, “Street Life Advertising”, served as the foundation of his entrepreneurial career. His venture […]

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Romance & rains in love songs

Posted on: 19th Jul, 2013

Romance in rains has a long association with Bollywood movies. Since the times of Raj Kapoor, B-town directors have been using rains to create memorable romantic song sequences on the silver screen. Splashes of rainy romance on the celluloid have showered spells over lovers in real life too. Some of the best Bollywood romantic songs […]

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Interview with Mitalee Doshi founder of Oomph Nutrition

Posted on: 16th Jul, 2013

Of the self-motivated women entrepreneurs of India in the nutrition & diet consultancy service, Mitalee Doshi deserves a mention for her vision and acumen. She is founder of Oomph Nutrition, a health, wellness & fitness partner of professionals and individuals. She came up with Oomph Nutrition out of her efforts to teach people the value […]

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Interview with Ismita Tandon author of Jacob Hills

Posted on: 7th Jul, 2013

A creative thinker and prolific writer, Ismita Tandon belongs to the breed of young Indian English authors. She debuted as an author in the realm of Indian English literature with the romantic thriller Love on the Rocks in 2011. Her second novel Jacob Hills released by Harper Collins is “a racy thriller set in an […]

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Entrepreneurs’ message on Impact Journalism

Posted on: 7th Jul, 2013

The leading media outlets across the world celebrated Impact Journalism Day this 22nd June and vowed to publish solution-based stories on the problems, minor or major, affecting human life as well as society. The principal objective of Impact Journalism is to drive positive changes in the socio-political and socio-economic frameworks of society. Various social issues […]

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Interview with Anisha Singh, co-founder of

Posted on: 29th Jun, 2013

Indian women having the creative bent of mind and driving passion for entrepreneurship are venturing into ecommerce and competing with their male counterparts. Of the female entrepreneurs in the ecommerce industry of India, Anisha Singh, one of the founders of, is a versatile personality. After a stint at the prestigious Indian National Trust for […]

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Interview with Ankit Rathi, author of Sorry Dad, I ain’t Scoring the Goal

Posted on: 8th Jun, 2013

Sorry Dad, I ain’t Scoring the Goal is your first book. What motivated or inspired you to pen the story?  I am a football fanatic right from my childhood. This game has become an important part of my life. This novel is an endeavor to shed some light on dismal condition of this beautiful game […]

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The city I am in love with

Posted on: 18th May, 2013

A lot has been said, shared and written about Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. I toured Jaipur in the month of October 2012 to refresh my memory of the visit to the city in 1995. The city looks as splendid today as it did 18 years back. You might have seen many photographs of […]

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Interview with Dr Niru Kumar a psycho spiritual healer & life coach

Posted on: 21st Apr, 2013

A leading figure in modern medicine, psychology and life coaching, Dr. Niru Kumar is a versatile personality: a medical doctor, a psychologist, hypnotherapist, Mars Venus coach, pranic healer, teacher and Reiki Grandmaster.  She is among the very few who listen to their hearts. After a stint of 20 years in clinical practice, she felt a […]

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Eeveryday life in a Hyderabad local market

Posted on: 14th Apr, 2013

Local markets, no matter where they are, are abuzz with noisy activities. The most active part of a village, town or city, the market is full of life. What is full of life is full of colors as well. The local markets in Hyderabad city are no exception. The picture of noisy, active and lively […]

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