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Oriflame Bioclinic Active Defense Shield Day for flawless glowing skin

Posted on: 17th Feb, 2014

Concerned about uneven complexion caused by hyperpigmentation? Now bid adieu to all your worries as Oriflame’s team of leading scientists, specialising in skin biology, have harnessed the most powerful active ingredients to deliver Oriflame Bioclinic Active Defense Shield Day with SPF 45. Inspired by aesthetic medicine, the exclusive premium range captures the best of advanced science to […]

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Oriflamme India new products – Oriflame Ecollagen anti-wrinkle eye cream

Posted on: 15th Oct, 2013

Say goodbye to wrinkles and dark circles and let eyes radiate a youthful glow with Oriflame’s new Ecollagen 3D+ Whitening Anti-wrinkle eye cream, yet another breakthrough product by Oriflame. Infused with Smart Whitening Complex and Tri-Peptide Complex, this delicate cream is a special elixir for the eyes. The Smart Whitening Complex restricts the production of […]

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Emami Vasocare herbal skin jelly & lip balm for winter skincare

Posted on: 20th Sep, 2013

The nip in the autumnal air means it’s time to winter-proof your skin. Roll up your sleeves to care and protect your skin with Emami’s all-new Vasocare Herbal Skin Jelly and Vasocare Herbal Lip Balm. The unique herbal formula blends the curative, protective and nurturing properties of Aloe Vera, Tulsi and chamomile. Emami Vasocare Herbal […]

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Pick up new gifting trends this Christmas and New Year

Posted on: 21st Dec, 2012

Christmas and New Year are round the corner. This is the high time to go on a shopping spree for gifts. Have you taken any preparation for Christmas and New Year gifting? Your siblings, cousins, nephews, nieces and close friends are eagerly waiting to receive gifts from you. Why not hurry up to buy greeting […]

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Clere’s Avocado cream is full of winter skincare benefits

Posted on: 15th Dec, 2012

No denying, winter is a beautiful season in India. However, the season leaves your skin dry, dull and flaky, if you don’t take special care of it. Your skin needs rich nourishment that Clere’s natural Avocado cream provides. This Clere beauty product will address your worries about the beauty of your skin, in winter. Rich […]

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Inglot has gone green with green beauty care products for women

Posted on: 10th Jul, 2012

With the World Environment Day celebration this year, Inglot has gone green to contribute to the green movement. Numerous initiatives facilitating the conservation of natural resources are on the go. Inglot has recently launched a range of green beauty care products including mascara, nailpolishm, eyeliner, lipliner and likes. The products are all green in hue. […]

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Inglot’s beauty products with monsoon skincare tips for women

Posted on: 10th Jul, 2012

At last! The rain gods are pleased and have started showering their blessings. The monsoon favor has reduced the temperature of summer. The days of monsoon are really fresh and cool. Isn’t it? Of course, it is. However, you need to take special skin care during monsoon. The oily sweat that the pores on the […]

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Kéraskin Esthetics presents the best skin care solutions for men & women

Posted on: 29th Jun, 2012

“Your Skin has a memory”– is the most common phase used by dermatologists to their patients. They emphasize on the fact that even indirect sun exposure leaves a mark. Uneven skin, pigmentation, lentigines are all the banes of skin health and beauty due to environmental pollution in the 21st century. It is also a known fact […]

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