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Top 10 Health Benefits of Green Tea

Posted on: 6th Jun, 2014

Green tea is a natural beverage packed with fat-burning, cancer-fighting and heart health friendly properties including antioxidants. Rich in nutrients, green tea has nourishing effects on the body. It is a natural solution for home-based treatment of obesity and dental problems. Moreover, it hydrates the body and keeps the brain at work. What more? Read […]

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Green mango juice: let’s befriend summer

Posted on: 28th Mar, 2014

Summer is not just our enemy but our friend as well. Surprised at this oxymoronic statement? Besides heat, humidity, sweat, exhaustion, dehydration and fatigue, summer comes with mango, the blissful offering of nature, which we like the most. Apart from the taste, the health and fitness benefits of raw green mangoes endear scorching summer to […]

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What foods should I avoid before morning run

Posted on: 31st Dec, 2013

Walking or running in the morning is a good practice to stay fit and healthy. A regular walk or run in the morning is full of health and fitness benefits. Some people are in the habit of taking a morning run with an empty stomach, while some fill the stomach with bites before running or […]

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Health and fitness benefits of winter fruit & vegetable juices

Posted on: 23rd Dec, 2013

Winter arrives with the blessings of nature in India. Winter fruits and vegetables juices are full of health and fitness benefits. Carrot juice, beetroot juice, orange juice, spinach juice and celery leaves juice are low in calories and high in nutritive value. It is one of the health experts’ tips to begin the day with […]

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Add essential spices to regular foods for weight loss

Posted on: 8th Jan, 2013

Why spend hours researching on how to lose weight naturally? Why live on strawberries and nuts avoiding regular healthy meals? If regular foods are cooked using all the essential spices – turmeric, chilies, garlic, cardamom, curry leaves and mustard oil – in right proportions, your daily diet chart is sure to be the best of weight loss […]

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Try these winter skincare tips & feel the difference – Dolly Kumar

Posted on: 22nd Nov, 2012

How to take care of skin and keep it glowing in winter? We wonder, “What is the secret to healthy skin?” when we see our Bollyood actresses endorse beauty products across media. “Nutritional nourishment of the body is the best of winter skincare tips”, shares Dolly Kumar, the founder and director of GAIA. If the […]

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