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Summer fashion tips for boys and girls

Posted on: 11th Apr, 2014

Keeping comfort the key essence this summer, men should opt for light pastel shades, like natural fruit colors, floral hues and tones, combined with earthy tones. The fabric choice should be soft cottons, soft linens, fine rayon and khadi, to sport an easy going, refreshing and confident attitude. A few must haves in a man’s closet:  […]

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Tips on Monsoon fashion for men and women by Mansi Kapadia

Posted on: 1st Jul, 2013

Fabrics for monsoon We tend to stop wearing half our clothes in the monsoon due to the fear of soiling them .You can go for nice prints in tops and avoid light shaded pants, even the smallest of mud marks tend to get highlighted. Fabrics should not weigh you down when wet. Light weight fabrics […]

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Fashion Tips for young women to summer ready

Posted on: 20th May, 2013

Temperatures are rising, but your style doesn’t need to plummet: Keep it fresh ladies with these hot-weather must-haves Sheer!: This trend is a super hit this season and everyone including celebrities are sporting it, after all there is something quite summery about see-through fabrics, but some show too much (this includes the kind of dresses […]

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Summer fashion tips for men and women from Nitin Bal Chauhan

Posted on: 5th May, 2013

Nitin Bal Chauhan is one of the contemporary young Indian designers whose fame has spread across geographies. He has earned kudos at London Fashion Week, Tokyo Fashion Week and Wills India Fashion Week for his exclusive ensembles for men and women. Mr. Nitin Bal Chauhan is sharing his summer fashion tips 2013 for men and […]

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Summer fashion jewellery trends 2013

Posted on: 12th Apr, 2013

Juvalia & You: Jewellery Trends to Look Out For Summer 2013   1.      Peacock Poise: After owls and elephants, the national bird is the latest entrant in jewellery trends. Be it fashion or fine jewellery the peacock motifs are highly in trends and seem to have inundated jewellery styles everywhere— from a hairpin to earrings, neckpieces, bangles […]

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Posted on: 27th Mar, 2013

It is every woman’s dream to have a dazzling piece of solitaire that she can call her own. However, when it comes to choosing one, necessary knowledge is a must to be able to select that exquisite piece of rock. With various shapes like emerald cut, round, oval and pear to name a few, […]

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Must haves for winter fashion from designer Shouger Merchant Doshi

Posted on: 11th Dec, 2012

Be the season summer or winter or spring, confidence is the only thing that distinguishes a good wardrobe from a bad one. Your outfit may be the most gorgeous one in the world, but if you can’t pull it off, it is useless. If you can carry off 6 inch heels, then only don them. […]

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Pria Kataaria Puri shares winter fashion style tips for men & women

Posted on: 6th Dec, 2012

Winter is a much-awaited season in India where summer stays for a long span of time. Winter is a fleeting season in many parts of India. Why not get the best of the season in terms of fashion and style? If your wardrobe is not in tune with the latest winter fashion trends, hurry up […]

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