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How to prepare for Obstacle Run

Posted on: 20th Oct, 2014

New Delhi, October 2014 – Obstacle races are the new weekend past time for urban men and women looking for opportunities to indulge their adventurous spirit. While common perception is that obstacle races are for the elite athlete, many such events today accommodate people of all fitness levels. An obstacle race is supposed to challenge you […]

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Top 10 Health Benefits of Green Tea

Posted on: 6th Jun, 2014

Green tea is a natural beverage packed with fat-burning, cancer-fighting and heart health friendly properties including antioxidants. Rich in nutrients, green tea has nourishing effects on the body. It is a natural solution for home-based treatment of obesity and dental problems. Moreover, it hydrates the body and keeps the brain at work. What more? Read […]

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Summer fashion tips for boys and girls

Posted on: 11th Apr, 2014

Keeping comfort the key essence this summer, men should opt for light pastel shades, like natural fruit colors, floral hues and tones, combined with earthy tones. The fabric choice should be soft cottons, soft linens, fine rayon and khadi, to sport an easy going, refreshing and confident attitude. A few must haves in a man’s closet:  […]

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Green mango juice: let’s befriend summer

Posted on: 28th Mar, 2014

Summer is not just our enemy but our friend as well. Surprised at this oxymoronic statement? Besides heat, humidity, sweat, exhaustion, dehydration and fatigue, summer comes with mango, the blissful offering of nature, which we like the most. Apart from the taste, the health and fitness benefits of raw green mangoes endear scorching summer to […]

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Oriflame defines the colors of holi for festive makeup

Posted on: 10th Mar, 2014

The festival of colors brings along with itself joy, togetherness and chances to flaunt your beautiful self. This Holi, show your true colors with Oriflame’s much loved products that will not only caress your senses but also set the stage for a chic day out !  Red is the colour of confidence and also happiness. […]

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Grooming tips for young girls to be a model

Posted on: 14th Feb, 2014

There is no ‘mantra in heaven’ to look good but you can make heads turn by making simple tweaks in your day-to-day life. When you are aspiring to be a professional model, it becomes all the more important to look good. Then you need to invest in things and procedures that will help enhance your […]

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Oriflame India tips on how to look your best this Valentine’s Day

Posted on: 5th Feb, 2014

As the season of love arrives, we all spend a lot of time choosing the right clothes and accessories for the day dedicated to love.  Whether spending a day with the one you love, or hanging out with your favorite gang of girls, one needs to choose the look wisely on Valentine’s to feel her […]

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What foods should I avoid before morning run

Posted on: 31st Dec, 2013

Walking or running in the morning is a good practice to stay fit and healthy. A regular walk or run in the morning is full of health and fitness benefits. Some people are in the habit of taking a morning run with an empty stomach, while some fill the stomach with bites before running or […]

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Winter makeup tips for girls by Riya Vashist

Posted on: 24th Dec, 2013

Moisturizer: College going girls don’t need to cake your skin with foundation for everyday basis.  In winters a tinted moisturizer or a sunscreen is just enough to give the right look to your skin. Compact: Both college and office goers should use a pressed powder and compact sets the moisturizer and keeps it in place longer. It […]

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Health and fitness benefits of winter fruit & vegetable juices

Posted on: 23rd Dec, 2013

Winter arrives with the blessings of nature in India. Winter fruits and vegetables juices are full of health and fitness benefits. Carrot juice, beetroot juice, orange juice, spinach juice and celery leaves juice are low in calories and high in nutritive value. It is one of the health experts’ tips to begin the day with […]

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