99-year old Freedom Fighter from Bengal Receives Padma Shri for Welfare of the Poor in Sunderbans

Posted on: 7th Apr, 2018

One of the Padma Shri winners in 2018, Sudhanshu Biswas was a freedom fighter in British India. A diehard believer in Swami Vivekananda’s teachings, he has committed himself in service to humanity. His life is a concrete manifestation of “Jibe Prem Kore Jei Jon, Sei Jon Sebiche Ishwar” (A person who serves humanity, serves god). […]

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Things to know about Sundar Pichai Google New CEO

Posted on: 11th Aug, 2015

Two talents of India origin are today the faces of two tech giants: Microsoft and Google. Sundar Pichai, who was Satya Nadella’s competitor for the hot seat of Microsoft CEO in 2014, is named CEO of Google now. What Larry Page predicted about Pichai’s upcoming larger role in Google became a reality today. India-born Sundar […]

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Entrepreneurs speak on their favorite teachers | Happy Teachers Day

Posted on: 4th Sep, 2012

“Believe in yourself and work hard”; “define your goal and achieve it”; “set your ambitions high”; “look into yourself and unlock the potential” – Do you remember these words of motivation and inspiration spoken by our teachers to help us get the best of ourselves? When we go down the memory lane, we hear echoes […]

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Shreya Sen a pregnancy photographer by choice

Posted on: 6th Mar, 2012

Shreya Sen belongs to the class of those woman entrepreneurs who believe in themselves, chase their aspirations, and embody the woman power in their personalities. Shreya Sen started her career as a Sales Coach for SAS, a multinational software company of Indian origin. After passing from New York University, Canada with a degree in Psychology, […]

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Tina Vachani: founder of NGO Routes 2 Roots and woman entrepreneur

Posted on: 2nd Mar, 2012

Routes2Roots is the brainchild of Tina Vachani, a social entrepreneur of Pakistani origin who decided to shift to India for higher studies. After her marriage with Ravi Vachani, she finally decided to settle in India. Having realized that conflict between two neighboring countries, Indian and Pakistan, persists on the political level and the people of […]

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Woman Power of Bengal

Posted on: 13th Dec, 2011

Bengal is an ardent worshiper of woman power in several various divine forms. Maa Durga and Maa Kali are the most worshiped manifestations of the Supreme Power. In Bengal, many women of flesh and blood have revealed this power. It is their epoch-making activities and extraordinary achievements which have put Bengal on the world map of art, entertainment, literature, […]

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