This 70-year-old Padma Shri Awardee from Rural India Sold His Plot to Plant 1 Crore Saplings

Posted on: 27th Feb, 2017

If little drops of water can make an ocean, an ordinary man from a humble background can do something very extraordinary beyond our imagination. A 70-year-old man from Telangana has been planting saplings to replenish greenery and save the environment for several decades. He used to be laughed at for carrying seeds in his pockets […]

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King Lear Tells his Daughters to Say “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” but Youngest Daughter Keeps Quiet

Posted on: 10th Apr, 2016

2015 was the year of controversies over bans from maggi to pornography to beef. India seems unable to tide over controversies, while a greater part of the world is grappling with refuge crisis. The ongoing controversy “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” spiraled like ripples in water from the Jawaharlal Nehru University row and spread from Kashmir […]

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Gender Equality or Gimmicks: Popular Media

Posted on: 27th Mar, 2016

Brands better know “Strike the iron when it is hot” for maximum product awareness and visibility in target markets. They do no longer hesitate to touch raw nerves of the society, which stirs the imagination of some people for good and upsets some others only to get roasted over severe flaks by them. That’s exactly […]

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Instances of ‘What Bengal Thinks Today India Thinks Tomorrow’

Posted on: 19th Oct, 2015

“What Bengal thinks today India thinks tomorrow”, a debated saying, came to my mind when I stumbled upon a few Facebook posts about India’s first transgender Durga idol worship in Kolkata. Though many non-Bengalis sniff at the saying on grounds of the lack of commercial development in Bengal, the saying has been true about the […]

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Not Court, Nirbashito Should Have Been India’s Entry to Oscars 2016

Posted on: 11th Oct, 2015

I was sanguine about the selection of Churni Ganguly’s Nirbashito (Banished) as India’s entry to the Oscars 2016 in the Best Foreign Language Film category. But all my hopes beat the dust when India’s Oscar Jury picked Chaitanya Tamhane’s directorial debut, Court, for the Academy Awards 2016 and the chairman Amol Palekar of Paheli fame […]

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Bajrangi vs PK vs Indian Godmen

Posted on: 15th Aug, 2015

Both Amir Khan’s PK and Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijan advocate Humanity as religion of all religions. If PK is critical of religious extremism, Bajrangi Bhaijaan is vocal about the superiority of love as the ultimate value of humanity over religious narrowness. Being ambassadors of Humanity, both movies stand on the same ground. Then, what and […]

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“Kill Them on the Spot”

Posted on: 17th Dec, 2014

A fight between heroes and villains was the popular climax of Bollywood movies till the year 2000. In most of the movies of the 20th century, the heroes were common men cum lovers cum family persons. The climax would culminate with the arrival of the police to arrest the wounded villains or the heroes for […]

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KCR & Mamata Banerjee are two sides of the same coin

Posted on: 26th Oct, 2014

Kalavakuntala Chandrashekar Rao or KCR is a politician of different qualities which are similar to the traits of no other Indian diplomats than Mamata Banerjee. Both are chief ministers. They have many things in common with each other. They are more or less the same in behavior and leadership. Amazing similarities are found in their […]

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Open defecation in the city of Taj Mahal

Posted on: 5th Oct, 2014

On 1st September, I was returning as a happy traveler from Agra to New Delhi by Intercity Express (14211) which left Agra Cantonment at 6 am. Though Intercity Express is a superfast passenger, it runs at the speed of a local train. It whimsically stops on the way between every two stations and unnecessarily halts […]

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Male nudity vs female nudity in Bollywood

Posted on: 11th Aug, 2014

Kudos to Aamir Khan for his ‘Adam’ avatar in the upcoming film PK, directed by Rajubhai Hirani! He is the latest icon of male sexuality in Bollywood as evident from the growing number of hits on the first trailer of the movie on YouTube.com featuring him in the buff and the ongoing discussions around it. […]

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