Interview with Piya Pahuja director of Raiara a jewellery making brand

Posted on: 24th Dec, 2012

Raiara, a premier jewellery making brand, is the brainchild of its young director, Ms. Piya Pahuja who made her foray into this creative arena after her marriage into the Pahuja family that owns 127 years’ old Tikamdas Group. Listed among the women entrepreneurs of India today, Ms. Piya Pahuja is at the helm of the […]

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Interview with Shouvik Lahiri, CEO of Desteneer Consultants and life strategy coach

Posted on: 21st Nov, 2012

How to deal with conflicting emotions? How to overcome difficulties? How to cope with stress? How to get the desired object? How to reach the goal? How to make the dream come true? How to beat failure and achieve success? So many questions that we are faced with in day-to-day life. who can help us […]

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Interview with Adam Sachs CEO and Cofounder of StepOut.com

Posted on: 16th Nov, 2012

Urban Indians have taken fancy to looking for like-minded partners and dating online since the launch of StepOut.com, a premier social dating platform based in Mumbai and New York City. Formerly known as Ignighter.com, StepOut is a safe and secure online dating hub. The mastermind behind the transformation of this unique idea into an epoch-making […]

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Interview with K Vaitheeswaran the father of Indian e-commerce

Posted on: 15th Oct, 2012

The founder and CEO of Indiaplaza.com, K Vaitheeswaran is a much familiar name in the e-commerce industry. He created a history by launching India’s first online retail store www.fabmart.com in 1999 and pioneered the online retail industry. Slice of Real Life gets in touch with Mr K Vaitheeswaran to share with you his vision of […]

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Interview with Arnab Kanti Mishra – filmmaker, photographer and entrepreneur

Posted on: 1st Oct, 2012

We often hear people complaining about the prevalent norms, wishing to change them someday. But how many actually dare to take the plunge, break stereo types and chase their dreams to change the routine and choose a path less trodden? In the fast paced world we live in, where competition and insecurity dominate most decisions, […]

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Entrepreneurs speak on their favorite teachers | Happy Teachers Day

Posted on: 4th Sep, 2012

“Believe in yourself and work hard”; “define your goal and achieve it”; “set your ambitions high”; “look into yourself and unlock the potential” – Do you remember these words of motivation and inspiration spoken by our teachers to help us get the best of ourselves? When we go down the memory lane, we hear echoes […]

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