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Middle and Lower Berth Passengers won’t be Allowed to Oversleep in Reserved Train Coaches in India

Posted on: 17th Sep, 2017

If you tend to oversleep or prefer lying over sitting for long hours during a long-distance train journey in India, you should keep your fingers crossed to get an upper berth while making reservation online now onwards since the Indian Railways has reduced the official sleeping time from 9 pm-6 am to 10 pm-6 am […]

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Don’t Miss South Asian Women’s Conference 2017 to Network with Business Women Leaders and Innovators

Posted on: 7th Aug, 2017

The South Asian Women’s Conference 2017 is scheduled to take place on August 12 in Roswell, Georgia. ‘Women in Leadership – Breaking Barriers,’ is the theme of the conference, a unique opportunity to catch up with business women leaders and gain insights into the role of women in today’s workforce. One of the women entrepreneurs […]

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Indian Collaboration on Guns N’ Roses Classic Will Leave You Wanting More

Posted on: 22nd Mar, 2017

There’s an old adage that says, “Music is a powerful force that can instantly change your mood.” That’s certainly the case with a collaboration between two of India’s music virtuosos. Baiju Dharmajan and Girish Pradhan have teamed up for a lovely rendition of the Guns N’ Roses classic, ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine,’ giving the song […]

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Beware of Fake Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents to Evade Harassment and Monetary Deceit in USA

Posted on: 12th Mar, 2017

All the headlines on harassment of immigrants due to strict measures of immigration reform in the Trump administration are not true. There is no denying to the fact that the Trump administration is taking on inbound immigration across the border and based on foreign employment legally as well as officially, but few Americans are taking […]

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California University Replaces All IT Employees with Cheap Indian Labor to Save $30 Million

Posted on: 6th Mar, 2017

While the ripple effects of US President Donald Trump’s immigration reforms and restrictions on work related immigration visas are still distinctly felt in the current socio-political climate of America, another furor is agitating it further. Adding to the prevailing chaos and commotion is the University of California’s outsourcing of IT jobs to India. The University […]

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Government to Empower Women with Safety App against Threats, Abuse, Online Trolling

Posted on: 5th Mar, 2017

After a few years of hibernation following the ghastly Delhi gang rape in 2012, Indian government finally announced to digitally empower women with a safety app against threats of physical violence and trolling on social media. ‘I am Trolled’ app, to be launched soon, is a women’s day special gift to the women of India […]

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India Flags off Science Express Train to Spread Awareness about Climate Change

Posted on: 18th Feb, 2017

Climate change is one of the looming threats to our planet. Awareness about climate change, its principal causes and major effects is a pressing need of the hour. Only one continent or country or community or group is not responsible for climate change. This colossal threat to earth is a collective outcome of all human […]

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Details of Proposed Train to Tawang and New Railway Lines from Arunachal Pradesh from Assam

Posted on: 5th Feb, 2017

Tawang, a serene tourist town on the Indian border with China in the northeastern region, is to get direct railway connectivity from Bhalukpung as the Central government aimed for new heights of railway lines in Arunachal Pradesh. The Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) has also identified Bamey and Pasighat for better rail connectivity in Arunachal Pradesh […]

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Indian IT Firms Should Hire Americans and Stop Using H1B Visa for Their Employees: Narayana Murthy

Posted on: 4th Feb, 2017

It seems from Infosys Cofounder Narayana Murthy’s response to the proposed H1B visa reforms in the Trump administration that the panic of Indian IT firms is just like a storm in a teacup. He opined that Indian software companies need to have a multicultural workforce. It will be possible if they start hiring the local […]

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New Nirma Advance Ad Featuring Hrithik Roshan Breaks Stereotype But Fails to Connect with Masses

Posted on: 18th Dec, 2016

Hema, Rekha, Jaya aur Sushma who represented the female lot of India and their choice of Nirma as an essential household necessity from the 70’s till the mid 90’s are out from the new Nirma Advance advertisement featuring Hrithik Roshan in his best. The fans and followers of Bollywood’s Greek god, as Hrithik is often […]

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