Menu Home Cooked Connects Home Chefs with Foodies for Healthy & Hygienic Ghar Ka Khana in Hyderabad

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No food is as good and delicious as homemade food. When we think of ghar ka khana, we feel the warmth, the affection and the care associated with it. It also counts on health and hygiene factors. These are what the boxes of food from many household kitchens pack in for foodies across Hyderabad. Thanks to Menu Home Cooked for bridging between non-professional home chefs and time-stripped people like me yearning for homemade food away from home.

Menu Home Cooked is a Hyderabad-based innovative food-tech startup by a bunch of foodies: Siddharth, Ashish and Vaishnavi. It connects home chefs, who are passionate about cooking and feeding others, with those preferring ghar ka khana over restaurant food in the city. Menu Home Cooked features a changing menu of veg & non-veg dishes from the repertoire of home-based cooks on its user-friendly website and delivers well-packed boxes of food as per orders to customers’ doorsteps.

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Let’s see how Menu Home Cooked happened to Siddharth, Ashish and Vaishnavi. Shreya, one of their friends, pitched the idea of sourcing healthy and hygienic food from non-industrial kitchens of cooking enthusiasts from across the city to Siddharth. The idea also appealed to Ashish and Vaishnavi. It motivated them to discover unrecognised home-based cooks having good cooking skills in the nooks and corners of Hyderabad. It corresponded with their mutual planning to provide an online platform to many non-professional cooks like their moms whose culinary expertise is restricted to small soirees and whose yummy dishes do not go beyond the taste buds of neighbours.

According to Ashish, Menu Home Cooked has a unique business model which is an interface between B2B and B2C. It provides the city-based cooks with an opportunity to pursue their passion without making an investment. Both expert cooks and cooking enthusiasts can register themselves as home chefs on the website and specify what they can cook the best. Their sample dishes are reviewed by Menu Home Cooked’s internal tasting team. On qualifying the tasting session, the cooks can join Menu Home Cooked’s team of home chefs.

“One of the unique B2C features of Menu Home Cooked is that customers can go through the profiles of home chefs before or while ordering their dishes of the day. We give proper credit to the home chefs by displaying their names along with their dishes. In Hyderabad, there are many non-professional cooks who are famous for particular dishes in their respective localities. Some of our home chefs are good at cooking authentic Hyderabadi dum biryani, while some others specialize in cooking non-Hyderabadi fares. Thus we cater to different palates in the city,” says Vaishnavi, a qualified engineer with an M.Sc degree.

“Instant delivery of healthy and hygienic food to doorsteps at nominal charges is the USP of Menu Home Cooked, which distinguishes our venture from usual food delivery businesses. The changing menu is another standout feature of our online food order and delivery website. Yesterday’s menu is not repeated today, and today’s menu will be replaced by a new one tomorrow. It helps us cater best to the foodies craving different tastes and flavors to evade the monotony of regular food. Needless to say, we have a certain number of customers from families that find cooking a rare luxury due to the lack of time,” shares Ashish, a professional engineer having work experience in an advertising firm.

A 4-month-old startup, Menu Home Cooked has made its way to foodies through a number of challenges. Fair selection of home chefs is the biggest challenge for the founders. Only those complying with the guidelines of cooking delicious food with quality ingredients in a hygienic setting are welcomed to the team of home chefs. Timely delivery of fresh, hot food is another challenge that Vaishnavi strives to meet every day by featuring dishes from the home chefs available in vicinity of customers’ locations. She makes sure that the entire process from food ordering to payment to delivery goes seamless. She and Ashish do always stand on their toes to meet the technical as well as technological challenges of improving the website and the overall service to customers.

Some Other Highlights of Menu Home Cooked:   

Recyclability of the food delivery boxes is another feather in the cap of Menu Home Cooked. The food is packed in microwave safe containers so that it can be reheated in microwave or oven in an hour or so from the time of delivery if needed. Designed by Ashish himself, the box also packs in one piece of tissue napkin, one plastic spoon and one fork for the convenience of customers.

The minimum delivery charge is Rs 30 per order. The charge for pre-ordered deliveries varies depending on distance. The delivery charge can be waived for bulk orders.

Menu Home Cooked also features a dedicated section of home chefs whose listed culinary offerings in different categories can be pre-ordered in a bulk for parties.

On a closing note, Siddharth says, “Menu Home Cooked is not just an entrepreneurial venture of ours but also a sincere effort to provide uncelebrated home-based cooks with a seamless platform to pursue their passion, promote their culinary talent and have a supplementary income. We credit the success of Menu Home Cooked to the harmony of our passion and their passion.”

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