This Hilarious Letter in Broken English by a Bengali Helped Get Toilets in Indian Trains

By: Sourav

The British is credited with the first commercial train journey in India for introducing railways to their colony in 1853. But the credit for the introduction of toilets in passenger trains goes to Bengal. Yes, it was a dhoti-clad Bengali named Okhil Chandra Sen whose hilarious letter in broken English to the Sahibganj divisional office of the then undivided Bengal in 1909 fetched attention to the inconvenience of passengers for the lack of toilets in trains.

Evidently the history of toilet in Indian trains is traced to Okhil Chandra Sen’s letter to the railways in 1909. Today Indian Railways have come a long way with swanky toilets in luxury trains and bio toilets on green corridors. Undeniably, this Bengali made it possible for millions of people to answer the nature’s call at anytime during train travel in India.

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A copy of Okhil Chandra Sen’s letter about his utter discomfort during a train journey in 1909 is on display at the National Rail Museum in New Delhi.

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