House of Dosas: Abhiram Mitta’s Journey of Passion for Food from Kadapa to Hyderabad

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Dosa is one of the few things that Hyderabad is famous for. House of Dosas is one of the few places where dosa is the best in the city. Though a small eatery which may go unnoticed if you are a first-time visitor, House of Dosas has made its presence felt on the culinary landscape and become a favorite of foodies in Hyderabad. Launched in 2015, House of Dosas is Abhiram Mitta’s journey of passion from Proddatur in Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh to Hyderabad.

25-year-old Abhiram Mitta’s passion for food and his mom’s recipe of dosas are two main keys to the success of House of Dosas. Abhiram, who is mostly into his father’s thriving pharmacy business, added his own brand of dosa to the culinary landscape of the city simply out of passion for food. He claims to be a foodie. Another reason behind the inception of this venture is his mom’s unique recipe, which would have remained confined to the taste buds of neighbors and relatives in the hometown if he had not brought it to foodies in Hyderabad.

“I launched House of Dosas to not compete with other dosa brands in the city but add a new taste to the variety. My main intention was to serve Hyderabadis the kind of dosa made in pure ghee, which is incredibly popular in my hometown,” says Abhiram ebulliently.

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Today House of Dosas is a citywide known brand mainly because of its USP that is the use of homemade ingredients in dosas and idlis. The ingredients including rice paste, ghee and spices like erra karam are supplied from Proddatur so that authentic taste of dosas which Abhiram’s native people enjoy is ensured for foodies in Hyderabad too.

Unlike other restaurants, House of Dosas uses 100% pure homemade ghee to make dosas. Also dosas are thicker there than usual dosas available in other parts of the city. That’s why people initially mistook dosa for uttapam and criticized it. However, it is House of Dosas’s point of differentiation which was gradually identified.

Abhiram Mitta knew that the recipe of dosas from Proddatur might not appeal to the taste buds of foodies in Hyderabad without customizing it according to the Hyderabadi palate. So House of Dosas infused paneer, butter and cheese along with its own ingredients into the recipe. Golden dosa, Nutella Chocolate dosa, Pizza dosa and Dry fruit dosa are some of the unique offerings by House of Dosas.

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I don’t know if Rome was built in a year or not but House of Dosas became a hit only in a year. Abhiram said that he did not spend money on marketing and branding. It’s the word of mouth marketing that catapulted House of Dosas to popularity and fame for its unique offering with authentic taste. Celebrities like Hari Shankar, Sania Mirza, Suman Tirumalasetti, Allu Sirish and Paruchuri Brothers have been to House of Dosas, which speaks the rest about it.

House of Pops is Abhiram Mitta’s new venture in partnership with his two friends: Vishal Agarwal and Rahul Korrapati. House of Pops is an upcoming hub of popsicles with natural essence of organic fruits of different seasons. Abhiram did market research in Barcelona, Spain, where popsicles are very popular. “We make sure that our popsicles are as unique as our dosa. Popsicles will be available in different flavors from mono to fusion,” said Abhiram.

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On a closing note, Abhiram quoted Ray Kroc’s words, “We provide food that customers love, day after day after day. People just want more of it.”

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