Musical Ambience & Yummy Lucknowi Food Make Ohris Tansen Perfect for Dining in Hyderabad

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In times of online shopping, we hardly go to shop outside. Similarly, why to go to Lucknow when Lucknowi food is available in your city unless you are restless to see the heritage of Lucknow! That is what recently happened to me. Lucknow is one of the few tourist places I have been longing to visit, but I couldn’t make it last winter too. However, a visit to Ohri’s Tansen on Necklace Road in Hyderabad fulfilled my desire to have a sinful affair with Lucknowi food. It was my second visit to Ohri’s Tansen at Jalbihar, one of the few Hyderabad restaurants where you would like to dine again and again.

Ohri’s Tansen has got an exclusive Lucknowi food menu on table. The menu is like a thriller with an exciting beginning and a sensational climax. It starts with Yakhni Shorba (mutton soup) for non vegetarians and Tamatar Shorba Bemisal (tomato soup) for vegetarians, and ends with delicious desserts – Sakora Phirni, Matka Kulfi and Mulayam Rasmalai – for all after a nonstop thrilling ride through the main course.

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I tasted six starters on the Lucknowi food menu at Ohris Tansen: three veg and three non veg. Paneer Dum Roll, Dahi Ke Kebab and Rampur Ka Pyazi are veg starters. Awadh ki Galouti, Jhinga Till Tinka and Dum ki Macchi are non veg starters. Each of the starters deserves kudos for the perfect taste which can be compared to that of starters served at age-old restaurants in Lucknow.

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Being from Bengal, I am fond of egg and chicken rolls. For the first time, I had such wonderful Paneer Dum Roll which was crispy outside and spongy inside. The butter like paneer perfectly spiced and mixed with other ingredients melted in the mouth. The same is true about Dahi ke Kebab, which made my taste buds more curious about Lucknowi food. Rampur ka Pyazi, though a veg starter, was so yummy that even non-vegetarians would crave it.

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Among non veg starters on the Lucknowi food menu of Ohris Tansen at Jalbihar, Awadh ki Galouti made me feel like being on a trip to Lucknow city itself. I had Galouti Kebab a few times in Kolkata but the one at Ohris Tansen marred my previous experience. The minced mutton was so soft that it had butter like melting effect on the tongue. I have got finicky taste buds particularly for fish. As Ohris Tansen’s Dum ki Macchi appealed to me, it is worth trying undoubtedly. Smoky chicken was incredibly soft and juicy!

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Ohris Tansen has curated dishes from the Awadhi cuisine of Lucknow with equal attention to different palates of veg and non veg foodies. If there are Paneer Laoa, Chowgra, Dal Makhani and Kesari Biryani on one hand, Rara Gosht, Begmathi Murgh and Gosht Dum Biryani are too delicious to forget in a few days on the other hand. I had Dal Makhani, Rara Gosht, Begmathi Murgh and Gosht Dum Biryani in the main course.

Dal Makhani, Rara Gosht and Begmathi Murgh were served with different types of Indian bread; some with butter flavor and some with pure ghee. Dal Makhani was rich in ghee flavor but it was not too spicy. I found Rara Gosht better than Begmathi Murgh. I could have given Begmathi Murgh another try to taste it better if there were no Lucknowi Biryani screaming “Now it’s my turn.”

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It was my first experience of Lucknowi biryani at Ohris Tansen in Hyderabad. It was just after my imagination of what Lucknowi food could be. Meticulously cooked and perfectly spiced, Ohris Tansen’s Gosht Dum Biryani does not need Hyderabadi mirch ka salan. I am sure whoever has eaten this biryani at Ohris Tansen and those who will have it there will agree with me.

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I was too full to have three desserts on the Lucknowi food menu of Ohris Tansen at Jal Bihar. A single bite of each of the desserts – Sakora Phirni, Matka Kulfi and Mulayam Rasmalai – lifted the control on my sweet tooth. Sakora Phirni and Matka Kulti are so so so delicious that I would have heavily regretted on hearing from my foodie friends, “Why didn’t you try the dessert? They were so yummy….!” This sweet journey came to a happy end with Pan Shot in the Nawabi fashion of Lucknow.

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Coming to sharing with you how my overall experience was, it was not just delectable but mellifluous as well. Live ghazal and sufi songs filled the atmosphere with musical notes which made time stand still for a while. Copper chalice, fragrance of rose petals, dim light of candles, opulence of golden décor and inherent serenity of the place make the ambience of Ohris Tansen perfect for dining on some special evenings.

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