Syn Taj Deccan Hyderabad Brings Vietnamese Rice Pancake Festival

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Syn, Asian Grill & Bar at Taj Deccan Hyderabad, has brought several varieties of sizzling rice pancake from the streets of Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, to foodies in Hyderabad. If you are looking for a seasonal taste of Oriental food, visit the ongoing Vietnamese Rice Pancake Festival at Syn, Taj Deccan.

To say in Vietnamese language, the pancake is called Bánh Xèo which resembles a French crepe and a Hyderabadi dosa from outside. It is as crispy as a dosa. Filling is the mainstay of Vietnamese pancake as in case of Indian dosas. Those who are not much fond of oriental dishes should give Vietnamese pancake a try. After all it is somewhat similar to our popular Indian dish in look though different in taste. 

The pancake is made from rice flour paste with turmeric powder. Bánh Xèo literally means sizzling cake because of the loud sizzling sound which emanates from the pouring of rice batter into a hot skillet. Vietnamese fried pancake for all varieties is made from the same ingredients including rice flour, coconut milk and turmeric powder.

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What make Vietnamese rice pancake varied in taste are different fillings to stuff it. There are a number of choices for vegetarian and non vegetarian filling. You can choose from water chestnut and asparagus, baby shrimp, fatty pork, chicken with shitake mushroom, tenderloin rendang, mutton with pickle vegetables, shoots and tofu, corn and lotus stem, and mushroom with aged ginger.

I chose to have one veg and one non veg variant of the pancake at the Vietnamese Rice Pancake festival. The nonveg one was stuffed with hibachi chicken and shitake mushroom. Soft pieces of chicken and crispy pancake did wonder. The veg one was stuffed with asparagus and water chestnut. The veggies in this pancake retained their natural essence. Rice pancake with hibachi pancake and shitake mushroom is priced at Rs 455, and Rice pancake with asparagus and water chestnut comes for 375 rupees.

The variants of Bánh Xèo at Syn’s Vietnamese Rice Pancake festival have diced onion and bean sprouts in common, irrespective of the filling you choose to have. Each veg and non veg variant of the pancake is served with chilli paste and Nuoc Cham (diluted fish sauce, sweet and sour) adding zing to the relish. Usually, Vietnamese rice pancakes are served wrapped in mustard leaf and lettuce leaves. The dish is flavored with mint leaves, basil leaves or some other herbal leaves.

Crafted by Executive Chef Rishi Manucha, the ongoing Vietnamese Rice Pancake Festival brings a fresh dining experience to the table.

  • Date: 19th – 28th February     
  • Timing: 7PM – 12AM
  • Venue: Syn – Asian Grill & Bar
  • Price: A la carte
  • Reservation: 040- 6666 3939


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