Review: China Bistro in Hyderabad is the Place to Romance Delicious Chinese Food

By: Sourav

China Bistro at Banjara Hills is a new landmark on the culinary landscape of Hyderabad. Among the new restaurants in Hyderabad City, China Bistro has been romancing foodies leaving no room for dissatisfaction or distraction since its launch. That is what I explored on an evening of Hyderabad’s food bloggers at China Bistro, recently.

Dining out on balmy evenings is a joy, an experience to me, which I won’t like to be ruined by poor ambience. China Bistro is one of the few restaurants in Hyderabad where food rhymes with ambience in theme. Two colossal statues of Mandarin warriors at the very entrance greet guests and welcome them into a neither dark nor bright world of gastronomic fancies from the Chinese cuisine. China Bistro has two floors with cozy seating.

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I must say that the menu of China Bistro has an array of amazing mocktails to let foodies beat the heat of summer in the coming days. I can be accused of favoritism for mango since I choose to have a mango drink most of the times. Evidently I ordered Spicy Mango with Rose Petals at China Bistro. Believe me, it is an absolutely different taste in contrast with regular mango drinks. Its spicy essence because of cinnamon is just the right thing to the Hyderabadi palate.

A single sip of Spicy Mango with Rose Petals made some of other foodies at the bloggers’ table order the same drink.

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Turnip Cake with Burnt Garlic

Adding to the fun of the mocktail were a number of Chinese starters which I would like to call “Things of Joy” for their inexplicable taste, in the poetic language of John Keats, a romantic poet of the 18th century.

Each of the starters on the menu of China Bistro in Hyderabad deserves a special mention! Turnip Cake with burnt garlic, Prawn Cheong Fun, Chicken Satay, Steam Fish Banana Leaf, Barbequed Pickled Bao and Dimsums (veg & nonveg) not only got us the best of Chinese food but also added fuel to the fire (our craving for more).

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Succulent Chicken Satay with Peanut & Coconut Chutney

Turnip Cake with burnt garlic is sensitively soft both from outside and inside. It has some buttery essence for the tongue. Chicken Satay is served with delicious chutney of peanut & coconut. It is a juicy chicken dish with some sweet notes, which may not please those deeply in love with spicy chicken starters. Both veg and nonveg Dimsums have delicate coating with a filling of fine ingredients inside.

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Barbequed Pickled Bao with cheesy filling

Barbequed Pickled Bao is another amazing starter because of its cheesy filling. The wrapper is a thin piece of bao, which I like. However, I found the bao somewhat sticky. Prawn Cheong Fun is a dish of fried prawns wrapped with delicate coating in shape of a tiny roll. Steam Fish Banana Leaf is a very soft dish with mild spicy quotient which does not overpower the fishy flavor much to my pleasure.

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Dimsums among starters on the menu of China Bistro

Each of the starters on the menu of China Bistro is a star performer. I must say that Turnip Cake is the best entertainer in this category. I won’t mind boasting of it as my favorite!

The menu of China Bistro boasts of some authentic Chinese dishes in the main course, which I equally enjoyed but I couldn’t relish to my heart’s content because I had filled myself with the amazing starters. We were served Hot Pot Chicken with shitake mushroom, Fish in chilli basil sauce, screwed up noodles, and Vegetables in red thai curry.

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Lotus Rice with Hot Pot Chicken

Hot Pot Chicken, Vegetable Thai Curry and Screwed up Noodles at China Bistro were not new to me except Fish in chilli basil sauce which I had for the first time. Tastewise I did not find the first three main course dishes must different from those at Republic of Noodles in Hitech City. Fish in chilli basil sauce is a must try.

It would be unjust to keep Lotus Rice a secret to you. It is called so because rice with corn kernels and some other veggies is steamed while wrapped in a lotus leaf. Lotus Rice was a perfect complement to all the main course dishes.

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Chocolate Tsunami & Steamed Coconut Dumpling

We were treated to Chocolate Tsunami and Steamed Coconut Dumpling in honey among the desserts on the menu of China Bistro in Hyderabad. Steamed Coconut Dumpling is a Chinese dessert which I found somewhat Indian in taste and texture. The honey flavored coconut filling is similar to what Bengalis use for making pitha puli, a festive dish. However, this Chinese dessert has different coating. The coconut filling was very easy to chew, which I enjoyed. Chocolate Tsunami is a dessert steeped in liquid chocolate. Despite that it was not much chocolaty, which simply worked for me.

The menu of China Bistro has a soup in both veg and nonveg versions. I left the soup to your experience. Please do share your feedback with me in the comment section.

To conclude, China Bistro at Banjara Hills is a must visit for its cozy ambience and yummy food. The restaurant is just 1km drive from Jubilee Hills Checkpost. Add it to your list of new restaurants in Hyderabad to try out.  

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