Review: Noodle Bar in Bengaluru Serves Best Dimsums with Authentic Taste

By: Vikas

Location and Ambience

Noodle Bar is located in Phoenix Market City, one of the most popular and iconic malls of Bengaluru. I visited the place for a Sunday lunch and strolled into the restaurant around 12:40 PM. Being one of the first few customers, I found the restaurant steeped in silence except hurried movements of the battalion of stewards busy setting up the tables in anticipation of a big Sunday crowd. The place screamed of sophistication and style. The high wooden false ceiling, matching furniture and elegant upholstery along with dim lights gave the place a stunning ambience. My expectation of Noodle Bar in Bengaluru was already high and I could just not wait to get started.

4.5*/5 for the ambience and décor of Noodle Bar!  

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Noodle Bar in Bengaluru has got an extensive menu. The menu has authentic Chinese delicacies for the taste buds of both vegetarians and meat lovers. The restaurant also boasts of a fully loaded bar serving liquor ranging from Wines to Scotch. For non -regular drinkers like the one writing the review, the bar offers a wide variety of cocktails and Mocktails. The restaurant serves Italian Desserts with a personal touch.  

4*/5 for the quality and taste of food at Noodle Bar!  

Soup and Entrée –

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Veg. Emperor Noodle Soup: After a brief wait of 15 minutes, my courteous steward got what can only be described as “The Bowl”. It could easily feed a family of 4. As hungry as I was, I went right for the kill, not appreciating the bowl and the presentation even once. The soup itself was an absolute delight for the taste buds. It was just the right thing you would like to start your meal with. It was a Chinese special clear soup loaded with boiled vegetables, herbs, sauce and the deal maker Glass noodles.

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Dimsums: Like every other self-proclaimed Chinese cuisine lover, I do always order the same old Manchurian and the very same Chilly Garlic potatoes. But this time I ordered a few varieties of Dimsums at Noodle Bar in Bengaluru. I had never been a huge fan of it and I wondered if this experience would change anything, only to realize later that it will indeed. Dimsums were presented like a piece of art, from Pokchoy Wrapped Vegetable to Spinach Corn Coriander Dumpling to Cottage Cheese Satay Dimsum; each beautifully wrapped in pokchoy, spinach and fermented dough respectively. With each variety of dimsum, I was gradually falling in love with this Chinese dish. Each dimsum variety had a different filling, a different sauce and different style of presentation.

Main Course

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Hookomen Noodles and Veg Nam Nam: By the time the main course arrived, quite a few things changed – from my newly found love for dimsums to the restaurant which was once tranquil and became bustling with foodies; some inside and some outside. No different from the starters, the presentation, the feel, the look made the main course dish extremely tempting. Hookomen Noodles were finely cooked and the flavor was mild, which worked wonder with Veg Nam Nam. It not only tasted great but also the lotus stem filled the dish with aroma. It was simply the best combination one could have.


Lime Lemon Panacotta: My taste buds were still in swing with the scrumptious blast of flavors from the main course and I had already shifted one space in my belt. I would have paid my bill and left, had my stomach gotten better of my tongue. At Noodle Bar in Bengaluru, Lime Lemon Panacotta is an Italian delicacy and two main ingredients of the dessert are my favorite, Cream and sugar. The dish arrived after a brief wait worth every minute. The mint sauce for the dessert came in a separate jar and was poured on to the Panacotta at the table. The dish was aesthetically dressed. It had the right amount of sugar and cream, and in the right texture. The mint sauce was an addon to the dish.

Service and Hospitality: The service was quick and prompt. The dishes were served one after the other, despite the Sunday rush. The staff was both courteous and welcoming. 4.5*/5

Cost: Approx. Rs 1500/- (without drinks) for two people. It is a little on the expensive end compared to regular Chinese restaurants. However, it is similarly priced to lunch at Spaghetti Kitchen or Copper & Chimney.

P.S:  Serving the best dimsums authentic Chinese taste in Bengaluru and a balcony facing the famous Concert venue, Noodle Bar is a recipe for a delicious delicacy in Bangalore.

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