Absolute Barbeques’ Seafood Festival is a Refreshing Change for Taste Buds

By: Sourav

absolute barbeques hyderabad, seafood dishes, hyderabad food festivalsWinter is playing hide and seek with Hyderabad. It’s sometimes warm and sometimes cold. Foodies in Hyderabad badly needed a refreshing change for their taste buds in tune with the fickle minded atmosphere. Absolute Barbeque came up with a seafood festival in response to them. “How deep you can dive!” is the theme of the food fiesta “Absolute Marine” at Absolute Barbeque, Hyderabad.

 Absolute Barbeque, one of the best buffet restaurants in Hyderabad, dived deep into the reservoir of seafood and picked some of the best dishes, in keeping with the theme. The days of “Absolute Marine” food festival are numbered. A visit to Absolute Barbeque at Madhapur and an indulgence in sinfulness of seafood delights is the best that could happen to you today.

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Not just the variety but the taste of the dishes is the magnet of this seafood festival at Absolute Barbeque. Apart from veg and nonveg soups warming up foodies before an adventuresome dive into the sea of food, fish, prawn and crab dishes dominate the menu, specially designed for the festival. The other foodies were done with their soups by the time I reached there. I had a few ladles of the nonveg soup, Seafood Double Consumme with fluton. It was a good beginning of the nice time with the menu.

The soup was followed by a nicely blended mango smoothie, which really stabilized my agitated nerves after a fast-paced drive (because I was late) with its cooling sensation. Thus I got back to myself for a sinful encounter with the seafood dishes at Absolute Barbeques in Hyderabad. A brief tryst with American cheesy potato, Jamaican lollypop, Slovakian cottage cheese, Crispy corn and African lioness (beetroot kebab) led to a great adventure with eel fish, ray fish, crab, squid, octopus, lobster, tuna, red snapper and prawn on the Wish Grill.

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Among the seafood dishes at Absolute Barbeque, many were feast for the eyes. Tandoori Crab and gigantic Barbeque Fish were too tempting to control the greedy taste buds. Since I am not fond of crab, I had to give it a miss. I found the squid with kasundi, a Bengali mango mustard chutney, very delicious. Prawn tempura is another dish that deserves a mention for the way it was served with fried red chillies and it befriended my taste buds.

seafood dishes, hyderabad food reviews, absolute barbeques

Among the starters, Grilled tilapia, Seafood cake, Jamaican lollypop, Chicken drumsticks and African lioness, and Prawn tempura deserve a thumb up. Grilled tilapia is a spiced preparation. African lioness is a dish of beetroot kebab. Though it sounds weird, it tastes good. Among the veg starters, Jamaican lollypop is the best entertainer. Seafood Cake is a dish of minced meat of marine produce. If you believe that some food can make or spoil your day, Seafood Cake is what made my day at Absolute Barbeque’s seafood festival.

 The main course dishes include Barbados Coconut Prawn Masala, Mutton Rogan Josh, Chicken Dum Biryani, Goan Pomfret Curry and Prawn Cocktail. The starters filled me so much that I had to skip the main course except Prawn Cocktail. Served in porcelain spoons on a plate with ice cubes, Prawn Cocktail was a show stealer. It tasted good at the same time.

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There is a surprising assortment of desserts at Absolute Barbeque. I chose to try Pan Ice cream and Apple Halwa. Both were strangers to me. I found either of the desserts the best. The sweetness of Apple halwa was mild, which I usually prefer. Each nibble of Pan Ice cream filled my mouth with the flavor of a sweet pan. It would be unjust if I don’t mention Crepe Suzette with orange and caramel sauce. It was good too. The live dessert counter serves five varieties of stone ice cream.

Location: Absolute Barbeque, above Bajaj Electronics, near Madhapur Police Station

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