Review: New Menu of Jonathan’s Kitchen is a New Celebration for Foodies in Hyderabad

By: Sourav

Jonathan’s Kitchen at Holiday Inn, Hyderabad, has been there for one year. It turned over a new leaf with a new menu for the insatiable taste buds of Hyderabadi foodies on the occasion of its first anniversary. It was my first visit to Jonathan’s Kitchen for a food tasting session organized for the food bloggers in Hyderabad City. As we know that the first impression always counts, Jonathan’s Kitchen at Holiday Inn did not fail to make its impression on me from appetizers to desserts.

Jonathan Kitchen’s new menu is a fusion of both desi and bidesi dishes. Such a hybrid menu is highly suitable for foodies like me who at times get bored of desi food and feel never satisfied with only bidesi dishes. In each section of the menu, desi and bideshi delights give a tough competition to each other. And, it started right from starters / appetizers.

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The section of appetizers is like a seesaw between Dahi ke Kebab, Amritsari Bhatti da Murgh, Nawabi Shikampuri Kebab on one side, and Hunan Tofu, Butter Garlic Prawns, Prawn Cocktail and Welsh Rarebit on the other side. All of the Indian starters on the new menu of Jonathan’s Kitchen are served with mint chutney.

Stuffed with minced mutton filling, Nawabi Shikampuri Kebab is a deep fried dish. As the name suggests, it has got an exclusive taste just like the dishes prepared in a Nawabi kitchen. Unlike other deep fried dishes, it is neither oily from outside nor sticky from inside. Even those who avoid deep fried items out of issues with their waistline will give in to the temptation of Nawabi Shikampuri Kebab.

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Dahi ke Kebab is a spiced hung yogurt kebab dish. Unique to the new menu of Jonathan’s Kitchen, Dahi ke Kebab is filled with thick yogurt which melts in the mouth giving the tongue and taste buds a juicy affair. Amritsari Bhatti da Murgh is another delicious dish of chicken legs, spiked with homemade bhatti masala and smoked in tandoor. The chicken leg pieces with slight smoky flavor are so soft that your teeth need not take pains in tearing the flesh out of them.

The exotic starters including Welsh Rarebit, Hunan Tofu, Sushi, Butter Garlic Prawn and Prawn Cocktail were in absolute harmony with the desi appetizers on the new menu of Jonathan’s Kitchen at Holiday Inn. Welsh Rarebit is a dish of hot flavored cheese fondue with toasted garlic bread. The garlic bread was incredibly soft and slightly toasted. It was not too crusty to break into bits at a single bite. The cheese fondue was so perfect that there was no room to find fault with it.

We were served three varieties of sushi: crab sushi, chicken sushi and veg sushi. Each of the sushi varieties had a crispy layer outside and a succulent feeling inside. Crispy Veg Tempura with mixed vegetable, avocado and spicy mayo is the yummiest sushi that I have ever had till date. Butter garlic prawn was another dessert to leave me craving more. It was mildly flavored with garlic and lightly coated with cream. Cheese added to the taste of succulent prawns.

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Prawn cocktail, marinated in flavored citrus olive oil dressing, was served with Jack Daniel’s sauce. Though different from Butter Garlic Prawn, the cocktail prawn dish felt a little dull compared to it. I took a piece of cocktail prawn with a dip into Jack Daniel’s sauce and did not feel like having once more.

Jonathan Kitchen’s new menu has two varieties of soup which follow the starters. I found Zucchine alla paramigiana la minestra soup better than Borscht. Borscht is a lamb based beetroot soup with sour cream. The beetroot flavor was dominant in Borscht, which I didn’t like much may be because of my daily soup of tomato and beetroot. Zucchini soup was enhanced with Parmesan cheese which my taste buds took fancy to. Both soups were served with spiced bread.

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In the main course of the new menu of Jonathan’s Kitchen at Holiday Inn, the desi version of the food scored higher than the bideshi version for me. Nalli Kheema cooked with Indian herbs and spices proved to be a good teaser of the taste buds along with bites of khasta roti. Baingan ka Bartha, smoked eggplant, was good in taste but it lacked the smoky flavor that we are used to smell from this particular vegetarian dish.

The best of all main course dishes was Malai Kofta Curry, which ticked all the boxes: taste, flavor, texture, essence, etc. Cottage cheese dumplings were dipped in white cashewnut gravy. Both dumplings and gravy complemented each other to make it a foodie’s darling. The bites of dumplings felt like melting butter in the mouth.

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The main course also has salmon steak, surf & turf, and chicken and rice in egg wrap. I was almost full by the time these dishes came to us. I took only two bites of salmon steak served with asparagus, spinach, parsley potatoes and beurre blanc. The steak was as succulent as expected. Chicken and rice in egg wrap is the only item on the new menu to have scored the lowest.

Jonathan’s Kitchen pampered our sweet tooth with Banoffee Pie and Moong Dal Halwa. Moong Dal Halwa was as tasty as it is cooked in north Indian households. But Banoffee Pie stole the limelight from this desi dessert. A mélange of banana, toffee, caramel and cream, Banoffee Pie became a must try. It was the last happy note that the food tasting session over the new menu launch ended with at Jonathan’s Kitchen, Hyderabad.

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