Review: New Hokey Pokey Outlet in Koramangala Bangalore

By: Vikas

Location and Ambience

A new addition to the 5th Block of Koramangala, Bangalore, DRUMS Food International’s Hokey Pokey Ice Cream outlet is easy to be found amidst hundreds of food joints for its over-the-top sign board. The new Hokey Pokey outlet which looks small from outside does actually comprises three separate sections. Though the coffee studio themed seating and the open roof seating areas are comfortable, I chose to stand in the main business area near the entrance. This section of the Hokey Pokey outlet in Kormangla was filled with the aroma of chocolate, coffee, and tens of different flavors of ice cream. I could almost breathe in all the flavors deep into my lungs. Three huge counters with cold stone platforms and sprawling seating areas take up the major part of the outlet leaving a little space for parking.

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Ice creams

Like other Hokey Pokey outlets in Bangalore, the new ice cream parlor offers a whole range of flavors from Kaju Gulkand to Fussy French Vanilla. Chocolate flavors range from Dutch Chocolate Dream to Belgian Dark Chocolate. Fresh fruity flavors range from mango to custard apple. But, what makes Hokey Pokey special is “Signature Stone Creations.” Hokey Pokey is one of the few ice cream brands that offer cold stone ice cream preparations. Each of the ice cream flavors is served in three sizes: single, double and knockout (4 scoops).

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After a lot of deliberation, I gave in to the temptation of Knight in Armor for the love of the most romantic couple of chocolate and ice cream. After five minutes of waiting, Knight in Armor hit my table. I could not help drooling a little over my cup. The first bite of Knight in Armor filled me with the sensuous flavors of dark chocolate fudge and premium creamy vanilla ice cream.  I found this Hokey Pokey ice cream a classic choice with crunchy Oreo, chocolate chips and roasted almonds.

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Greek Yogurt: Alongside ice creams, the Hokey Pokey parlor in Koramangala has another dessert to offer: a line of their own Greek Yogurt. I was not sure if it was a good idea to have yogurt on top of the delicious ice cream that I just hogged. I almost felt like a traitor ordering for a Mango flavored yogurt. I made peace with myself deciding to have another ice cream after the yogurt. The yogurt was made of natural alphonso mango and do believe me, it tasted like a piece of alphonos mango. The yogurt was nicely textured and it was neither less nor much sweet. I would definitely recommend it to everyone. The Hokey Pokey yogurt is low in fat and high in protein.


Prices of Hokey Pokey ice creams are similar to those of other ice cream brands. A cup of Hokey Pokey ice cream costs slightly on the higher side whereas one scoop is for Rs 70 for regular flavors. However their special cold stone preparation is worth Rs 120 for a cup which you can get customized with the flavors of your choice.  


With delicious ice creams and desserts, Hokey Pokey outlet is a must visit in Koramangala for something that no one else offers. Note that it is a self-service style joint; so each foodie group might just need that one friend who can be taken advantage of.

P.S: If you are an ice cream worshiper, this place is most likely going to be your new temple.

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