Rview: New Italian Menu at Ohris’ Ruci & Adoni in Hyderabad

By: Sourav

The New Year began with a new menu of Italian gourmet food at Ohris’ Ruci & Idoni, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Ohris did the wise by launching the new menu on the eve of the New Year as the foodies in Hyderabad would like to try new gastronomic pleasures in 2016. I attended the grand tasting session at Ohri’s Ruchi & Idoni along with other food bloggers in Hyderabad. It was a nonstop drive as there were around 15 dishes including starters, main course dishes and desserts.

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We were offered to sit at the table close to the kitchen with a broad glass wall, which made us catch glimpses of the cooks busy preparing various dishes with attention to details under supervision of the master chef. I started the tasting session with a cooling sensation over a jar of mandarin magic lemonade on a warm afternoon. Yes. A jar so full of drink that it can accompany the meal till the last bite!

When the spell of mandarin magic was lingering around my throat, a large cup of corn and cheddar chicken soup arrived. The soup was nicely flavored and neither very thick nor very thin. All the ingredients used in the soup were in harmony with each other. I enjoyed the lukewarm soup with a piece of bun.

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The master chef of Ohris’ Ruci and Idoni handpicked a few signature dishes from the new menu of Italian gourmet food for the food bloggers in attendance. Ohris style nachos dish with vegetable slices and cheese was the first to hit the table. I had a little bit of it since I chose to taste the new menu in the non-veg category. It was a nice start!

I got to know from veteran blogger Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhuri that Ruci and Adoni’s bruschetta is a must have. They have a complete platter of bruschettas with several varieties in both veg and non-veg categories. Thanks to Ohris for a special treatment of our taste buds with four varieties of bruschetta. I went gaga over the chilli cheese one with caramelized apple. The other variety that strikingly clicked with me came with apple and chicken ham.

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The bruschetta platter was followed by chipotle chicken skewer, a grilled chicken dish smeared with chipotle sauce and served with some delicious dips on the side. Being spicier than other appetizers on Ruci and Idoni’s new menu, it was the most suitable for Hyderabadi taste buds.

A plateful of wasabi prawns was the next on the table. Initially, the taste of medium sized prawns was eclipsed by the pungency of wasabi. We relished the dish in the next serving, which was served with peeled orange slices following our feedback.

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Lamb meatball pizza was the main attraction of the tasting session for me. With soft meat balls on the crispy, thin, crust pizza, it was tempting in look and delicious in taste. Thick pizza is my pet hate. Naturally, I liked Ohris’ thin pizza much at Ruci and Adoni.

Among the main course dishes on the new menu at Ruci and Adoni, cilantro fish is another culinary magic. It was tender, succulent, and flavored with coriander herb as well as garlic marinade. Baby corn added to the taste. I enjoyed cilantro fish with some flavored rice. Cilantro Fish is my personal recommendation to you.

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Three Cheese Chicken was the next item from the main course. It is a dish of chicken breast filled with a blend of cheese and spinach. The stuffing made three cheese chicken a standout. It was served with nicely flavored potato mash.

Baked duo peppers and Classic shepherd’s pie are other two items on the new menu at Ohris’ Ruci and Adoni. I was too full to try baked dou peppers, but I could not help having some classic shepherd’s pie, a dish of minced lamb mixed with mashed potato and flavored with butter. You should give it a try.

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Ohris’ Ruchi and Idoni in Hyderabad, has got nice desserts on the new menu: Bailey’s cheesecake and Fudged brownie. Both desserts equally appealed to me. Bailey’s cheesecake was steeped in coffee flavor and Fudged brownie was served with vanilla ice cream. Though brownie was extra sweet, vanilla ice cream made it timid a little. Bailey’s cheesecake is a remarkable dessert because of its slight bitter coffee flavor.

I liked and enjoyed the new menu. I am sure that you too will agree with me.

Where: Urmila heights, Road No 10, Opp to Rainbow Hospital, Banjara Hills
Contact: 040 64551000/64552000
Price for two: 1600 approx

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