Coastal Thali Food Festival at Taj Deccan Offers Good Bengali Food in Hyderabad

By: Sourav

Taj Deccan Hyderabad is celebrating the diversity of coastal cuisines of Indian Peninsula from Kathiawar in Gujarat to Kolaghat in Bengal through Karwar, Konkani, Chettinad and Malvani in South India, making it a big opportunity for the cosmopolitan populace of Hyderabad City to explore the culinary varieties of India’s coastal regions this festive season.

I succumbed to my penchant for Bengali food and chose a Kolaghat Thali for lunch at Spice Junxion. The Kolaghat Thali from the coastal region of West Bengal was heaped with some of the most traditional Bengali dishes including Jhal Mudi, Kumro Chingri, Macher Jhol, Anglo Ravas Fry, Chholar Dal, Baigun Bhaja, Aloo Bhaja, Loochi, Steamed Rice, Curd, Chocolate Sandesh and Rasogolla.

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Bengali cuisine is as varied as Indian food itself. It is not limited to a few dishes mentioned above. Unlike buffets having too many items to try satisfactorily at a time, the Kolaghat Thali menu is deliberately designed with some of the most popular Bengali dishes so that you can enjoy it to your heart’s content.

Chef Rishi Manucha handpicked the dishes from each of the six coastal cuisines of Indian Peninsula for the ongoing food festival at Spice Junxion. Jhal muri was the only starter on the Kolaghat thali. Jhal muri is one of the most popular snacks in Bengal, and a favorite of Bengalis as an evening pastime. Obviously, I started with it. Jhal muri is a mixture of puffed rice and several different ingredients including spices in right proportions. Chef Rishi Manucha and his team got the taste right though some of the ingredients were missing from Jhal muri.

I took no time to fall for the temptation of Loochi with aloo bhaja and mishti chholar dal. It is one of the festive dishes and a holiday indulgence in Bengal. Loochi was crispy, chholar dal was moderately sweet, and aloo bhaja had green chillies. The dish was cooked as exactly as Bengalis cook in their kitchens. The taste was not different from what I have grown up with. Chef Rishi deserves accolades for this.

The next assortment of Bengali dishes on the Kolaghat thali was more tempting as there were steamed rice, fish curry, begun bhaja (fried brinjal slices), and kumro chingri (a pumpkin dish with prawns). These are the most traditional items on a regular menu in Bengali households. With a few nibbles of steamed rice, begun bhaja and kumro chingri, I forgot about my physical distance from Kolkata for a moment. It was like ghar ka khana (homemade food).

I did not like the fish curry much. Somehow I did not get the taste, the flavor and the smell which makes me often miss fish curries in Hyderabad. Bengalis fry and cook fish in pure mustard oil, which adds a pungent flavor to curries. I forgot to check with the chef if the fish was fried and cooked in mustard oil or some refined oil. However, I shared my view with the chef and gave him suggestions for enhancement. So, you won’t be disappointed.

The main course was followed by a plate of traditional Bengali desserts including sandesh and rasogolla along with some fruit slices. It was chocolate sandesh, a departure from regular ones. The chocolate flavor was a delight to my sweet tooth.

My overall experience of the Kolaghat Thali at the Coastal Thali Food Festival at Taj Deccan is good and worth sharing with you. Bengalis in Hyderabad and Hyderbadis should give it a try or can explore the variety of any other coastal cuisine at Spice Junxion, Taj Deccan. The other invitees who tasted other thalis were all praise of the Chef and his team for this unique culinary celebration of India’s coastal heritage.

All of the thalis – Kathiawar, Kolaghat, Karwar, Konkani, Kerala, Malvani and Chettinad – are available in both veg and non-veg versions. What I must tell you is that both veg thali and non-veg thali come with unlimited servings for only Rs 1000 and Rs 1100 respectively.

  • Date: From November 2 till November 20
  • Time: Lunch 12:30 pm to 03:00 pm; Dinner 07:30 pm to 11:30 pm
  • Venue: Spice Junxion, Taj Deccan, Banajara Hills
  • Reservation: 040 6666 3939


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