Taj Falaknuma Offers Unique High Tea with Palace Tour within Budget

By: Sourav

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My visit to Taj Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad is like a dream cum true! Thanks to the Taj Hotels for the invitation to High Tea which intensified my tryst with the unmatched magnificence and unique hospitality of this heritage hotel in the City of Nizams.

Taj Falaknuma Palace Hotel offers a High Tea package including palace tour. What is a must mention about the package is that it is a budget-friendly one for only 2000 rupees plus tax per person. You will be courteously treated to an elaborate High Tea menu, a musical ambience and a never-seen panorama of the city from the Jade Terrace after a tour of the palace from the main entrance.

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The High Tea at Taj Falaknuma Palace continues from 3.30 PM till 6.30 PM making it possible for you to enjoy breathtaking views of the city expanse during twilight. The High Tea is organized at the Jade Terrace and in the sprawling balcony of the uppermost floor furnished with plush seating in opulence. The open-air balcony is adorned with magnificent lamps hanging from the ceiling.

What made the High Tea a hypnotic experience for my senses was a live performance by acclaimed saxophonist Dumbira in rhyme with the sublime setting and the soulful ambience. I am not sure if the live musical performance is a regular phenomenon. However, background music will add oodles of symphony to your experience too.

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The culinary hospitality of Taj Falaknuma Palace during the High Tea is an amazing imperial experience. Designed to enchant the taste buds in a royal setting, the High Tea menu is too elaborate to share with you. It includes Indian and exotic dishes in several different categories like juices, sandwiches, bruschetta, pastry, hot Indian, cookies, Indian sweets, beverages, etc.

I was amazed to see the variety of dishes in each category of the High Tea at Taj Falaknuma Hyderabad. There are fresh juices of green apple, wheat grass, orange, cucumber, spinach, carrot, watermelon and mango, including green gazpacho shot, pears and ginger shot. You can refresh yourself with your favorite picks from among beverages including hazelnut banana shake, cold coffee, salted lassi, green tea, strawberry milk shake, cardamom tea, ferrero rocher shake, etc.

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Salmon and Philadelphia pinwheel, Tuna and egg salad sandwich in multigrain bread, chicken tikka and avocado pita wraps, tomato & mozzarella sticks, scrambled masala paneer and cheese fingers are a few to name among the sandwich dishes. The “Hot Indian” category includes boti lukmi, kheema bun, haleem bruschetta, bun maska and achari mushroom vol au vents offering a typical Hyderabad experience.

If you are fond of pastry, you are sure to feel spoilt for choice. The pastry section of the High Tea at Taj Falaknuma includes almond and hazelnut cake with cream cheese frosting, bitter chocolate truffles, chocolate opera mink cake, fruit tartlettes with vanilla cream, fresh fruit brochettes, and lemongrass & citrus Madeleine. If you are new in Hyderabad, don’t miss Khubhani ka meetha in chocolate cup at the High Tea.

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I sweetened my mouth with sandesh and dry fruit burfi among Indian sweets on the High Tea menu. Sandesh is a signature Bengali sweet. Finally, do enhance your High Tea experience with platefuls of cookies and cups of coffee or tea at Taj Falaknuma Palace. I was served tea in a little designed earthen pot, which was enriched with Osmania biscuits and dry fruit cookies.

My visit to Taj Falaknuma Palace and my experience of the High Tea menu are worth sharing with you. But, I can’t share my poetic feel of the ambience accentuated by a wonderful panorama of Hyderabad City from the terrace, which you need to explore on a visit in person.

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