Review: Republic of Noodles at Lemon Tree Hyderabad

By: Sourav

A few days back, I caught up with Nishit Ganatra, a foodie friend of mine and one of the food bloggers in Hyderabad. It was a week day; so we happened to meet for chitchat over dinner after office hours. I had no idea about where to meet up till late evening. I was just about to complete my work for the day; I received his message, “Republic of Noodles at Lemon Tree hotel in Hitech City.” When I entered the restaurant, I found Nishit gossiping with other two bloggers at a table in a cozy corner. I wondered how he managed to book the table for four, which everyone would covet for a private meeting or intimate conversation because of its position.

Nishit booked the table at Republic of Noodles using a mobile app VIP Table on the way back from his office. It piqued my interest in knowing how different VIP Table is from tens of existing food ordering and food delivery apps. He explained the features of VIP Table app. I found it very unlike those regular apps. It is really useful for those who want to dine at their favorite restaurants and feel sick of waiting for others to finish their food and leave tables at soon as possible. I too downloaded VIP Table app from Google Playstore and installed on my phone.

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We started with a plate of Crispy Water Chestnuts & Bamboo Shoots and a plate of Popuah Je, a Thai dish. I liked the Thai dish more than the dish of Water Chestnuts simply because it was a new taste to me. Popuah Je is much like a spring role stuffed with a filling of chopped peanut, turnip, bean sprout, etc. Crispy Water Chestnuts was smeared with Honey Sauce all over.

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Then Nishit ordered his favorite fish item, Banana Leaf Wrapped Grilled Fish in Balinese Spices. I was in no mood for non-veg that day, but I being from Bengal could not control my craving for fish. The dish was so delicious that I noted its name, Banana Leaf Wrapped Grilled Fish in Balinese Spices, on a piece of paper so that I can have the same thing on my next visit to Republic of Noodles. Though it looked much spicy, it was a little pungent. I guessed which fish it was before the waiter confirmed that it was bhetki. It was so fabulous that I couldn’t help saying “Khub Bhalo” in Bengali (very nice).

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In the main course, we chose to have Thai Fried Rice, Mhad Noodles and Seasonal Veggi in Black Beans Sauce. Each of the three items from the main course was good but all of us liked Mhad Noodles the most. I had never had such a delicious dish of crunchy noodles before. If you are wondering how noodles could be crunchy, you need to have it at Republic of Noodles at Lemon Tree Hotel.

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Republic of Noodles at Lemon Tree Hyderabad serves some exclusive dishes from the cuisines of Southeast Asian countries including Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand except China.

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