HHI Kolkata offers ‘Baisakhi Bhuribhoj’ with Kadambari cast members at Kalash

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Immerse yourself in the celebration of the Bengali New Year as Kalash at the HHI Kolkata has rung the bell for ‘Baisakhi Bhuribhoj’, a Bengali New Year special revelry for foodies of the city. This Bengali food festival commenced on April 10 and will continue till 19th of this month. ‘Baisakhi Bhuribhoj’ is a sumptuous buffet of Bengali dishes from both sides of the border.  

The food festival lunch menu starts with aromatic Tomato and Mutton Suruya. Titillate your taste buds with the hot and spicy Mochar Chop, Phoolkopir Singara, Mutton Cutlet, Betki Kabiraji, Roop Chanda Moshla Fry among others. Bite into fried delicacies like Bakphool Bhaja, Posto Dhonepatar Bora and Lal Shaank Aloo Bhaja. Satisfy your appetite for vegetarian cuisine with delectable Doi Potol, Karaishutir Dalna, Enchor Aloor Tarkari, Shorshe Begun, Mochar Paturi and much more.          

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For the main course, dig into traditional favorites from Bangladesh like Ilish Paturi, Bokshibazarer Mutton Rezala, Khulnar Golda Chingri Malai Curry and Korimtolar Khasi Bhuna. The Kakrar Jhal, Pabda Macher Jhol, Chittol Macher Muithya and Chingri Do Piyaza are surely going to make you crave for more.

Let the fragrant aroma and delicious taste of Motorshutir Pulao, Kolkatar Mutton Biryani, Kucho Chingrir pulao and Chowkbazarer Morog Biryani satiate your senses. Get spoilt for choice with Radha Ballavi, Tawa Lachha Paratha, Karaishutir Kachuri and Bangla Luchi. Finish off your meal with a sweet flourish with yummy Baked Rassogolla, Malpua with Rabdi, Pur Bhora Patishapta and Gobindo Bhog Chaler Payesh.

Parambrata Chatterjee and Kaushik Sen from the leading cast of upcoming Bengali movie Kadambari will grace Kalash at HHI Kolkata with their presence on April 15 and make the Poila Baishakh lunch a glittering affair. Usher in the Bengali New Year in full glory in the company of the sizzling stars of Bengali cinema. Also enjoy yourself in a traditionally delectable way over live renditions of Bengali songs from yesteryears and welcome the Bengali New Year at Kalash.

The festive lunch will be served from 12 noon to 3 pm and dinner from 7 pm till 11 pm. A la carte menu is also available in individual prices. A meal for two is priced at Rs 1600/- + Tax.

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