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New Delhi, October 2014 – Obstacle races are the new weekend past time for urban men and women looking for opportunities to indulge their adventurous spirit. While common perception is that obstacle races are for the elite athlete, many such events today accommodate people of all fitness levels.

An obstacle race is supposed to challenge you while encouraging the addictive combination of fun with fitness. With various runs happening across the world Alpha League Races offers the Indian market a crazy & challenging event to test your endurance in.

With the number of such events gradually increasing in our country, and more and more people eager to perform well, how does one train for an Obstacle Race? Jatin Arora,Director: Alpha League Races, shares tips on How do we train to jump over 10 ft walls, crawl through mud pits, or maneuver 6 ft wide trenches? According to him,the thing about events like an obstacle course race is that there is no way you can actually train for them short of being on the course itself.

Obstacle runs are incredibly non-specific, so our training needs to be much broader than a usual fitness training program. This doesn’t mean you need to go crazy trying to do everything. Instead we should pick a few selected  exercises and get very good at them. For physically trying events such as an obstacle race, we need to deliberately expand our training selections and keep them dynamic.

While training to run an obstacle race, one should focus on the running while also adding various strength work routines to the workout. The important thing to remember in such trainings is that you cannot have the same set of workouts every day. You need to challenge your body to new routines, combinations and increase the intensity of your workout as time progresses.

Targeting specific movements, muscle groups and skills required to overcome an obstacle should be a good start. At the same time, maximizing your overall stamina and coordination is also equally important.

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Here are some exercises suggested by Jatin Arora,Director, Alpha League Races ,for obstacle Races:

Single Leg Training: Leads to tremendous increase in overall strength and a stark improvement in movement. Air Squats, various versions of Lunges, Single Leg Hops in all directions, Single Leg Deadlifts are a few variations, which you can add to your workout regimen.

Olympic Lifting: To name a few, Power Cleans and Snatches benefit your overall capacity with a single movement and allow you to use a lot of weight. Adding various positions like the Power and Hang will certainly add to the strength and the explosiveness.

Pull Movements: A very important criteria of obstacle races is the ability to pull your own body weight. Pulling yourself up is important for climbing walls, ropes, and the other odd-shaped obstacles that need to be countered. So working on a wide variety of pull-ups is extremely important.

Circuit Training: One of the most important training elements here is Circuit Training. It helps get your mind and body used to doing heavy physical tasks, thus helping you assess your strength under stress/duress.

So, now Dust off your sports shoes and get off the couch. Time to be Supreme!!!

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