Best Durga puja themes 2014 in Kolkata

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Kolkata has been gearing up for Durga puja celebration for last two months. The theme-based puja pandals have already been erected on the cityscape. Pandal makers and theme artists are busy giving finishing touch to the wonderful creations which fetch in lakhs of visitors throughout the days and nights of the festival. Hundreds of pandals – some are traditional while some are offbeat, some are gigantic while some are small – dotting the cityscape, compete with each other to steal the show with majority of audience. Each pandal boasts an innovative, creative and artistic theme. Only the Durga puja guide can help you make a list of best Durga puja themes 2014 in Kolkata. Here, I have listed some of the top puja committees which are known for their best Durga puja themes in Kolkata.

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Brazil Footbal – Santoshpur Lake Pally puja theme

The organizer of Santoshpur Lake Pally has caught fancy to Kolkata’s frenzy for football. Kolkata is known for its football fanaticism and diehard support for Brazil as its favorite football team. “Brazil to Lake Pally” is their 57th Durga puja theme for the pandal in 2014. The theme is not limited to Kolkata’s world cup football fever. It will blend Indian culture with the culture of Brazil. The 2014 Durga puja pandal of Santoshpur Lake Pally will be a micro model of Brazil, built of the materials imported from Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico and Sao Polo.

Trilok Darshan – Kumartuli Park Sarbojanin puja theme

Kumartuli Park Sarbojanin Durgatsab is famous for one of the best Durga puja themes and pandals in Kolkata. Their innovative puja theme captures the imagination of the audience every year. “Tribhubon” or “Trilok Darshan” is the 2014 Durga puja theme of Kumartuli Park pandal. The theme of the pandal modeled on a temple in Myanmar, will be an interface between the heaven, the earth and the underground. Located in Sovabazar Sutanuti, this Kolkata Durga puja committee had installed 13 Jyotirlinga in the pandal 2013.

Evolution of Kathakali – Suruchi Sangha Alipore puja theme

“Evolution of Kathakali” over a long period of 3,000 years is the Durga puja theme 2014 for Suruchi Sangha, a Sports and Cultural Club of Kolkata in Alipore. The South Indian cultural extravaganza will dominate the décor of their pandal this year. In 2014, the Suruchi Sangha pandal, one of the best Durga puja pandals in Kolkata, is modeled on a Kerala village. The sprawling courtyard of the pandal will be decorated with illumined diyas and statues of Kathakali dance forms. Suruchi Sangha Puja committee was listed among the top 10 Durga puja pandals and themes in Kolkata for the theme “Bangla Amar Ma” in 2013.

Loss of Traditionalism – Pally Asar Sporting Club puja theme

Gradual disappearance of traditionalism from Durga Puja celebration in the heart of Kolkata is the critical theme for the Durga puja pandal of Pally Asar Sporting Club New Alipore in 2014. The theme will depict the traditional celebration in 1953 in contrast to the future cosmopolitan celebration in 2053, hitting at the transformation of the age-old traditional Bengali festival into a corporate event. Their futuristic theme predicts that the goddess will be placed in a garage due to lack of space by 2053. It will be a visually appealing illustration of Durga puja celebration in three different eras.

Saji Utsav of Haryana – Dum Dum Park Tarun Sangha puja theme

One of the best Durga puja themes 2014 Kolkata is that of Dum Dum Park Tarun Sangha. The Durga puja tour of Kolkata is incomplete without a visit to this award-winning puja committee’s pandal. Saji Utsab of Haryana is their 2014 puja theme. The Durga idol is modeled after a Haryana village bride in ethnic wear. Tarun Sangha’s puja themes are inspired by social issues most of the years. The curse of urbanization due to rampant construction of multistoried buildings was their theme in 2013.

The culture of Tibet – Tridhara Sammilani puja theme     

Tridhara Sammilani’s 68th year pujo theme is the Tibetan culture. The Tibetan culture is rich in colors of joy and happiness. A gigantic idol of Kal Bhairav, an incarnation of Lord Shiva, will dominate their Durga puja pandal 2014. The Durga idol with 7 heads and 100 hands is another surprise awaiting the pandal hoppers at Tridhara Sammilani, this year. The pandal will be decorated with colorful masks which Tibetan dancers wear during festivals.

TIME – Ahiritola Sarbonin puja theme

Ahiritola Sarbojanin is going to surprise Kolkatans with one of the offbeat Durga puja themes in 2014. TIME is the theme of their pandal this year. Both the mechanical and spiritual implications of TIME will be illustrated in the décor of the Ahiritola Sarbojanin pandal. The 40-feet high Durga idol with 28 hands is one of the attractions of this Kolkata puja committee.

Colors of Creation – Dum Dum Park Bharat Chakra puja theme

“When the creation is colorful” is the theme of Dum Dum Park Bharat Chakra on our list of Durga puja themes 2014 in Kolkata. Their puja pandal this year is going to depict and capture the colors of the universe through silver balls inside the premise. The reflection of colors from the balls will create a new color inside the pandal. 2014 is their 14th year of celebration.

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