HHI Kolkata hosts Australian Food Festival

By: Sourav

Deliciousness from down under! Treat yourself to an abundance of Aussie delicacies as Mythh at The Hotel Hindustan International Kolkata presents The Australian Gourmet Escape crafted by our Corporate Chef Utpal Mondol. Visit Mythh to savour an ensemble of worldly delicacies. The festival starts on 23rd May and continues till 8th June.

The menu kick starts with an array of starters consisting of soups and salads. Sweet potato soup with fresh coriander, Pumpkin and curry soup with coconut cream, Fresh seafood chowder with saffron broth, Fried prawn tails wrapped in Parma ham with avocado and sweet lime salsa, Seafood terrine with grilled bread salad, Chilli spiced chicken with corn and roasted bell pepper salad are to name a few.

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The grilled section brings in a delectable assortment of roasts and barbecues. Grilled chicken with wild berry Jus on sautéed thyme potatoes, Pepper smoked Australian lamb chops with wok spinach and sweet potato chips and Grilled pork loin on potato and thyme risotto are some of the signature Australian dishes. Just savour the goodness.

The aussie cuisine is basically a unique combination of European and Asian gastronomy. Consequently the scrumptiousness ranges from the west to the east. The part of the cuisine which owes its origin to the West is the Baked braised and fried section. It includes items like WA vegetables with asparagus and wild rice spiced tomato tequila sauce, Cream corn and apple tart with spinach medallions and port wine jus, Cognac sautéed wild mushrooms in sesame puff pastry with rocket salad, Mandurah mud crab cakes with horseradish mayo.

And finally comes the sweet ending. The desserts bring a range of mood-lifters like Home made waffle pancakes with pumpkin ice cream, Homemade bell pepper ice cream with pecan nut tart,  Hazelnut Pavlova with fruits from my friend’s farm, Poached Margaret river pears in vanilla pods and ginger. Meal for two Rs 1500/- Plus tax. Don’t miss out on this awesome gastronomic experience. Cheers!

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