Heterosexuals vs homosexuals in India

By: Sourav

Dr Indira Verma, former President of the Indian Psychiatric Society, described homosexuality unnatural and blamed homosexuals for degradation of values in society. She remarked, “The manner in which homosexuals have brought the talk of sex to the roads makes people uncomfortable. It’s unnatural. Our society does not talk about sex. Heterosexuals don’t talk about sex.” It forced me to put a logical argument in criticism of her insensible and unjust remark glorifying heterosexuals and blackening homosexuals.

When Sunny Leone the porn star participated in Big Boss, a reality show on the Indian TV, she caught the imagination of the country’s heterosexual youth. She became such a hot sensation that her bikini clad pictures dominated the first page of Page 3 supplements of the dailies, which the nation’s heterosexuals woke up to on every morning. Indira Verma does not know that Sunny Leone was the most searched person of 2012 in Google India. Who crowned her as the most popular online personality? No doubt, heterosexuals.

hot magazine covers India, sunny leone sexy photoshoot on FHM, bollywood actresses hot photoshoot Now let me turn to the fashion and lifestyle magazines whose cover page is often glamorized by the sexy hotties of Bollywood in itsy-bitsy clothes. Maxim the Men’s magazine in India, FHM Magazine, and likes spend a lump sum on featuring skimpily clad divas of the showbiz industry on their cover pages to cater to the taste of heterosexual males, a target group of consumers for them. Do Google for “the sexiest cover pages of 2012 India”, “sexy photoshoot for Maxim India”, and “Sexiest India cover girl of the month” on the Internet. You will get better results than what I can write about here.

sexy women in advertisements for men, men's underwear ads with women“Sex sells”. I heard it from a professor of journalism in Bhawan’s Institute of Communication and Management. Sex can sell anything; be it a piece of news or a product. Brands of deodorants, condoms, shaving creams, fairness creams, underwear, etc. for men leverage the potential of the fair sex in advertisements to sell their products to heterosexual male consumers. Take Old Spice India’s “Mantastic Man” advertisement featuring Milind Soman with a woman in his lap, men’s underwear brand Amul Macho’s ads featuring women, and the ads of Euro India advertising men’s underwear with the tagline “Prepare to get assaulted” (by girls) for example.

If I am right, the former President of the Indian Psychiatric Society does neither read newspapers nor watch news channels. How do the cases of social crime against women on the news slip out of her notice? She perhaps does not know the number of molestation and rape cases on the rise in the metro cities of India. Do I need to tell her the sexual orientation of the rapists? She must probe the psyche of heterosexual males first.

The worldwide flesh trade of women thrives on unlimited heterosexual male libido. Thousands of girls as young as under the age of 10 are trafficked and forced into prostitution by heterosexual males for heterosexual males. The fairer sex is the worst victim of sex trafficking in India and the rest of the world. It is heterosexual, not homosexual males who exploit the fairer sex to satisfy their carnal appetite in the dark underbelly of trafficking and prostitution. Indira Verma is advised to watch Laskhmi, a movie on sex trafficking and child prostitution by Nagesh Kukunoor.

Please Note: I can give more logical points in support of my argument and in defiance of her allegation. By this I don’t mean to glorify homosexuality and put heterosexuals in a bad light. My argument is supportive of the human rights.

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