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interview of authors, Indian English literature, details of love @ air forceGaurav Sharma is a writer both by choice and chance. The former air force personnel, he had a fetish for creative writing. His long-cherished dream came true with the publishing of his debut novel Love @ Air Force. The story of the novel is a mélange of his imagination, creativity, and real life experience in air force. A love theme added a zing to the story. SliceofRealLife.com got in touch with Gaurav Sharma to share with you his first-time experience as a debut author and some glimpses into the novel. Here are the excerpts from the interview:          

You were in the air force before taking up creative writing. When did you discover or feel the existence of a writer in you?

A. I am afraid this is incorrect information or a presumption. I never worked in the Indian Air Force, my father did. I had started writing poetry in Hindi at the age of eight. The urge to write in English came much later.

What is your debut novel Love @ Air Force all about?

A. What many civilians are unaware of is the ‘rank’ structure in the services. There are commissioned officers and then there are ‘other ranks’. ‘Love @ Air Force’ is a love story in which the rank plays a villain. This is especially true of the many youth who join the ranks midway through their higher education and are certainly better qualified than the average ‘jawan’ in the infantry. The menace of rank conflict prevailing in the armed forces is the basic theme of the novel. To sum up, allow me to say a quote from the book ‘In Air Force, your Rank decides your Destiny’.

Does the story have autobiographical touches or anything in common with your life?

A. No, during my preparations for writing this novel, I went through the reviews on some novels that I had read. I learnt that most reviewers had maintained that debut works tend to be autobiographical. So I took special care to avoid that.

Who is the protagonist in Love @ Air Force? Is he or she close to your persona?

A. ‘Love @ Air Force’ is a Bildungsroman romantic novel and is a story of two friends living with their own dilemmas and remorse and reinventing themselves subsequently. So there are two male protagonists in the novel – Wing Commander Shabd Mishra and Sergeant Sushil Awasthi. Emotionally, Shabd Mishra is closer to my persona.

Can we get a picture of how the life of air force personnel is from the book?

A. Yes, readers may get a picture of an airman’s life from the book to some extent as Sergeant Sushil Awasthi – the narrator lives in Service Married Quarters. The story is more about how the commissioned and non-commissioned service personnel get along with each other.

What difficulties were you confronted with while writing the debut novel?

A. Well, making debut in anything is never easy. There were many instances of writing and deleting. My ‘beta’ reader friends were of the view that the story was too descriptive. Also I was in a hurry to finish it, and I guess it shows. It has been a good learning experience.

What do you think of the contemporary Indian English literature?

A. Contemporary Indian English literature is doing great and many writers from Indian diaspora have managed to leave an indelible mark globally. I think we are not short of talented writers, but while writing, readership plays a lot on our minds. That takes away the natural essence of an author’s writing style and brings in artificiality. Otherwise Indian English literature is certainly making an impression, being noticed.

Now you are a storyteller. What type of storyteller do you aspire to be?

A. As a storyteller, I aspire to create a stir. I want to choose themes which people can relate themselves with even at the cost of controversies.

What is your next move as an author?

A. I am half finished with a novel on an incident of a gang rape, and hope to get it published later this year.

SliceofRealLife.com thanks Gaurav Sharma for the opportunity to interview him and wishes her all the best.


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