Rape & corruption, common fabrics of “unity in diversity”

By: Sourav

“Unity in diversity” is one of the most popular taglines used for India. On seeing the headline (a regular common shocker) “Danish woman gangraped for 3 hours in Delhi” on the front page of The Times of India this morning, I found that crime against women and corruption are the common threads in the social, economic and political fabric of the country. There may be odds of diversity in other niches, but the states of India stand united on these two fronts. Corruption is a crime against aam admi (common man), while rape is a crime by aam admi. Both the crimes have been eating into the spine of India.

If we refer to the Hindu mythology of India, we see that Lord Bhishnu came down from the heaven whenever the good was overpowered by the evil, light was eclipsed by darkness, and virtues were outshone by vices on earth. Each of His births in the mortal world was a different incarnation to save the mankind.  In the present times, CM Arvind Kejriwal has emerged as an incarnation of the savior (not necessarily the Supreme) with a broom (the modern version of the divine weapon) to sweep off corruption from every nook and corner. But, there is neither divine nor human incarnation to save women from the carnivores (flesh-eating rapists).

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I often read articles, editorials, features and columns stating that the grassroots (common people) of the country are coming out of the hibernation with the entry of a new political party to free Mother India from the stronghold of corruption. A section of the grassroots is infested with rats which gnaw the flesh of the fair sex with sharp-edged teeth. The judicial system administers the most powerful poison (sentence to death) to kill the rats but in vain. The futility of the country’s ultimate judicial weapon is evident from the rising number of rape cases following the Delhi gang rape in December 2012.

The Hindustan Times reported registered 1493 cases of rape only in Delhi, on 15th December 2013. The number has increased by 125% till date. The number of unregistered rape cases may be more than 1493. The waves of countrywide protest could not uproot rapists from the core of society. The millions of marching candles across the nation could not expose the criminals in the underbelly. The victims will be consecrated with new names of bravery, either Nirvaya or Damini. The more rape cases, the more headlines. The more victims, the more candles.

The list of Hyderabad rape caseshttp://www.ndtv.com/topic/hyderabad-rape

The list of Kolkata rape caseshttp://zeenews.india.com/tags/Kolkata-rape.html

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