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Navratri is the festival  of  dance, music, vibrant colours and bright lights! During this nine day festival, one prays to the Mother Godesses for wealth, auspiciousness, prosperity, knowledge, and other potent powers to cross every hurdle of life.

This year, celebrate Navratri in a unique way by giving your home an ethnic Indian look with Leather shadow puppetry and other home decor items from Baaya Design!

The leather puppet is made with different mythological characters that bring alive the stories of Ramayana and Goddess Durga. They are dyed with specially designated colours, for eg: blue for Rama & Krishna, yellow for Rishis and so on. Apart from the translucency and vivid colours, the perforated designs drawn on the characters to depict jewellery gives these puppets their brilliance. Once surrounded by colour and viewed against the light, they look like glowing jewels. These puppets can be customized into wall hangings, lamps, wind chimes or just framed and placed on a wall.

Baaya Design also offers you lacquered wood dandiyas from Kutch, to take home alongwith this collection! Hang a few dandiyas in your home or use the same for a fun filled Dandiya Rass!


Right from selecting the best and most interesting pieces of art, to invigorating them with a unique fusion of other crafts and textiles, Baaya Design offers a range that is unmatched. Every piece is contemporized to meet market demands and tastes of current day customers. So what you waiting for? Head to Baaya Design to grab these festive goodies and revamp your home!

Available at:

BAAYA DESIGN, Raghuvanshi Mills. Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Near Phoenix Mills, Lowerparel, Mumbai

Contact: 022 65210165 / 022 24979463


Online shopping at: http://baayadesign.com/


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