Theater show to pay tribute to Rituparno Ghosh

By: Sourav

The city of Kolkata is going to pay a tribute to Rituparno Ghosh, a brand icon of Bengali cinema and culture, by staging a play at Muktangan today. The play “RITUPARNO GHOSH” is directed by Rakesh Ghosh and produced by DumDum Shabdomugdho Naatyakendra. The focus of the play, a departure from the biography of the late director cum screenwriter cum actor, is the isolated entity of those whom society has cornered for their unusual sexual orientation and effeminacy.

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Hope, you remember that Rituparno Ghosh had referred himself to a representative of a minority group; the group of effeminate persons, in an interview with Mir on the Ghosh & Company reality show. “Rituparno” has been a nickname for males with effeminacy, in public for long. They have been mocked and laughed at. The play is a story about Apratim, a boy from a middle class Bengali family in Kolkata. He lives a life of imprisonment inside his own house.

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The play carries influences of the movies from Rituparno Ghosh’s repertoire. The characters in the play are named after some of his onscreen characters – Apratim (Abohman), Bandana (The Last Lear), Jhinuk (Dahan), Rudra (Chitrangada), Thammi (Dahan), Indranil (Sab Charitro Kalponik) and Arindam (Subhamohorat).

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“Through the movies – Memories in March, Chitrangada and Ar Ekti Premer Galpo – Rituparno Ghosh established the right of the people like him to respect in society and their individuality. The play ‘Rituparno Ghosh’, am ambitious effort by DumDum Shabdomugdho Naatyakendra, is reflective of our gratefulness to the legend,” remarked the director Rakesh Ghosh.

Venue: Muktangan, Kolkata

Date: 12th August

Time: 7 pm

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