Interview with Sapna Bhatia, international journalist & founder of Bringhomestories.com

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indian cities, sapna bhatia international journalist, interviews slice of real life online magazine India is full of stories from north to south, and from east to west. Of the most enthusiastic storytellers and story collectors, Sapna Bhatia is the one who presents the beauty, colors, diversity and splendors of India through visually appealing stories in form of her video magazine online, www.bringhomestories.com. An international journalist, she has taken an innovative initiative to uphold whatever makes visually engaging stories about India. SliceofRealLife.com got in touch with Sapna Bhatia to share her views with you. Here are the excerpts from interview with her:   

What makes a ‘story’, for storytellers like you?

When I am reporting as an International Journalist, a report that is balanced, informative and gets delivered on time becomes a good story. When I am working for Bring Home Stories, I look for stories that inspire and engage.

What motivated you to implement the idea of publishing a video magazine online?

My business partner, Paul Liptrot and I were having a chat about the city of Delhi. And, he said that though there are many information based websites about the city, there is nothing that visually connects the city of Delhi with someone who would like to visit the city. And, we thought it would be cool to start something that was about the “stories” shaping the cities we live in.

YouTube is the world’s largest video library. Then, how is your video magazine different?

If You Tube is the world’s largest library, then we are a “book” in it. We host our videos on You Tube.

Marketing is a challenge in today’s scenario. How have you taken up the challenge to promote the video magazine?

We will soon start a campaign on social media as that is used by our target audience.

What technical challenges did you face at the initial phase?

There were not many technical challenges as our parent company TV News International (www.tvnewsinternational.com)   has been producing documentaries and features for International TV channels. We had the hardware, software and the human ware.

How close is this innovative venture of yours to journalism?

 In many ways it is still journalism. It is about telling local and inspiring stories about a city.

Do you think, a few minutes long video can capture the soul of a city?

We do a lot of few minutes of videos about a city. A few minutes of a video give you a sensory experience of a city and because it is visual, it becomes interesting to watch.

What in Kolkata would you like to capture on the video magazine?

I have reported in Kolkata and have been amazed by the culture and beat of the city. I have a huge list of things to capture: the tradition of jaatra, the chess and carom players (braving all weather conditions and keeping the tradition alive), the history of sandesh (It baffles me….how did cheese come to India and become a sweet?) and this list will not be complete without the Durga Puja.

What does it take to be a digital media storyteller?

You have to make a story relevant to anyone visiting your website e.g a story shot in Kolkata should be relevant to local people and also to someone in Canada. The length of the videos has to be small and the element of interest high.

Which city in the world has many tales to tell, according to you?

The great thing about cities is that they are all unique and full of stories. It is all about capturing them. Through Bring Home Stories we would like to showcase these cities in India and abroad.

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