Interview with Shouvik Lahiri, CEO of Desteneer Consultants and life strategy coach

By: SliceofRealLife

Shouvik Lahiri, CEO of Desteneer Consultants, life strategy coaching, how to stay positive, how to look confident, how to achieve successHow to deal with conflicting emotions? How to overcome difficulties? How to cope with stress? How to get the desired object? How to reach the goal? How to make the dream come true? How to beat failure and achieve success? So many questions that we are faced with in day-to-day life. who can help us answer these questions? God, guru or a coach. A professional coach helps us out with strategic solutions to how to stay positive, how to look confident and how to feel optimistic despite the odds. Mr Shouvik Lahiri, a life strategies coach in Kolkata, coaches people from all walks of life on how to win the game of life through the laws of attraction and the laws of excellence. His blog www.shouviklahiri.com/blog/ is a good source of motivation, inspiration and enlightenment for the readers. SliceofRealLife.com gets in touch with Shouvik Lahiri, CEO of Desteneer Consultants Pvt Ltd, to share with you how he evolved into an entrepreneur and pursued his passion, life strategy coaching. Here are the excerpts from the interview:    

You were a corporate professional before making an entrepreneurial venture as a life strategy coach. How do you feel about this change?

Well, I was in corporate more than a decade. I started from scratch, worked hard, slowly achieved a lot, made a good name, earned a lot but, have not earned satisfaction. The current entrepreneurial shift, actually I am enjoying. This was something which I always wanted and I can proudly say “I have done it”. For me, it is like living my dreams.

What motivated you to become a life strategies coach? Is life strategies coaching your long-cherished passion?

I will not say that i have been motivated to become a life strategy coach as I wanted to help the people as I am not a social worker. What exactly motivated me to become a life strategy coach is my own leanings from my experiences. Be it my career, my relationships or any phase in my life I did realize the importance of a coach. I realized that a coach is not only required in the field rather it is also very much required in the long race of our life. We need a holding hand in every up down and in between our life. And as a life strategy coach I want to be the holding hand for every individual in his/her race in achieving success.

When I had a coach, I felt Life strategy coaching is something i can call my passion but at the same time, it is my first step towards achieving my GOALS. Some incidents in my life made me feel that I should do something for those little kids who are alone in the way called life and also for those old people who have successfully achieved lots their goals but struggling at their last phase of life. I have a feeling of guilt of not being able to do anything for them and life strategy coaching will help me in making a platform for me to do something for these people. I want to be a Brand, a Hero for those Kids and People mentioned.

What are your targeted areas and target groups of life strategies coaching?

I don’t think that there can be any particular targeted area or group for a life strategy coach. Life is a path and I don’t think there is any particular milestone in the path we can define or quantify, where you need a coach. Life coaching is for every traveler in the wonderful and adventurous journey called Life. So, as a life strategy coach how can I target any group or area.

Do you provide psychological coaching too, as you are a certified psychometric professional? 


Yes I do, in fact I use the different tools of psychology mostly in all of my coaching and that is why I don’t provide psychological coaching separately as I think that psychology is not something which you can coach but it is mere an tool which you can use to coach.

What makes you think that the professionals in India need lessons on performance or stress management?

Being in the industry more than a decade, I found performance and stress – both are very much linked. At one level, stress brings out the best performer in you and after that level, stress only deteriorates performance. A recent research of India Today and Associated Chambers Of Commerce and Industry in India revealed some shocking data. It says: –

  • 78% of corporate executives sleep less than 6 hours a day. 21% spend between Rs. 5,000-50,000 a year on lifestyle diseases.
  • While conducting Executive Health Checkup, approx 60% of corporate executives do not show symptoms of any diseases before tests and after tests, it was found that approx 80% of those executives have shown high risk factors of lifestyle disorders after test.
  • Overall Stress count has increased from 39% to 50%.

Hence we can say, in India, stress is not playing that positive role. One needs to learn how to balance stress and identify stressors and then plan out its deactivation. So, it is high time for people to learn stress management and performance management- both.

You specialize in the Law of Attraction and Laws of Xcellence. Would you share something about these?

Whenever we listen to Law of Attraction, we immediately recall the movie secret. But i found the movie still a secret. Law of Attraction started from Lord Budhdha days and today we see a modified version of this. It is all about the energy world, Proper thinking, and Proper process, channelizing positive energies, a positive visualization and then celebrating success. On the other hand, Laws of Xcellence is actually for your well being. We have named it Law of Xcellence but we know all of them. It is just to make you more aware so that you balance everything in life and lead a positive, stress free and successful life. It is all about celebrating every good moment and challenging every bad moment of life. We are coming up with a book on this and a public program as well.

How do you teach your clients the application of Law of Attraction and the Laws of Excellence? 

Honestly, these laws are not taught in coaching sessions. I make clients aware of using the part of these Laws as tools in different situations. I mainly do so to Eliminate Negativity and Fear and to Increase productivity at all levels and to see life as a positive journey.

Is life strategies coaching the ultimate solution to negative vibes such as stress and depression? 

Firstly, coaching never gives a solution. It creates a platform for the client so that one becomes aware of the power he /she is having, makes one aware of the tools they can use and help him / her take the right decision when stuck. But, taking more informed decision added with perfection, convincing and more analytical – it always helps one overcome any anxiety which causes stress and depression. Also, in some cases i use NLP and Guided Meditation as a tool to bring out the negative stress and depression. Till now most of my clients came out of negative stress and depression through coaching and without any medication.