Interview of Malti Bhojwani, life coach & author of Don’t think of a Blue Ball

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How does your present achievement as a debut writer taste?

      I am thrilled, grateful and feel so blessed that it has come to be. The journey of writing made me share so many of my personal experiences and I realized how much I myself have grown since I took on Personal Development as a career path. My daughter is a fiction writer and she started before I did and though I am very very happy that I am now an author, I still consider myself a Life Coach predominantly! I do love it, the continuous social media comments and praise with gratitude I receive fills my heart and reaffirms that I am making a difference.

 What challenges did you face while writing the book?

I went through a personal relationship break up myself which was surprisingly painful before I could finish the Chapter on Love and that was very challenging for me, at the same time it was my own healing and recovery process that got me back on the horse to finish the book. Also the Acknowledgments were a challenge, I was adding names to the list even on the day the book had to go to print, and I still didn’t get everyone who supported me in this journey’s names in, next book.

What inspired you to write the book ‘Don’t Think of a Blue Ball’?

      As a coach, I can realistically only reach about 15 people at a time, and I had a strong “calling” to spread what I had learnt and experienced with the world, the book was the only way I could see at the time to get it out there. I was approached in Sydney to create a 13-episode TV show and that’s how I got to writing the seedlings of this book. I was lucky to be introduced to my publishers, Om Books International only 4-5 chapters into the book and thrilled when he loved it and decided to sign me on. The magic of plugging in, finding your own axis and gratitude is what I hope this book will remind readers to do.

Many books on life coaching, personality development, goal achievement are there in the market. How is your book a different take on these subjects?

      Like I have read and heard many times before, there is nothing new out there, philosophers, the scriptures, though leaders from a decade ago and new ones have said similar things,  but sometimes a different messenger can get you to “listen” when you are ready. I myself have experienced reading best–selling Personal development books that did absolutely nothing to improve my life and then sometimes, one line, one chapter from a book would revisit me or fall on my lap and then suddenly, “I saw”. I believe that the people who are meant to read me will and hopefully they will be surprised at what they get from it. “Don’t Think of a Blue Ball” also has easy exercises and emphasizes practice practice practice. This book is different also because I have included my own journey and examples from my own life, I shared honestly and I think that is what most of the readers connect with. It is not a step by step instructional book, but rather an “I did this and it worked for me”. I still falter sometimes as you will but try it!

 Laws of attraction and laws of excellence are said to be secrets of success. Have your focused on these secrets in your book?

      Totally, positive expectations are half the battle won and in my “books”, it is the No 1 secret to confidence. The number of manifestations of my own that have come to be as a result of writing this book and practicing these principles is testimony to the fact that what I wrote about, truly works. As I have shared in the book, the law of attraction when you are aligned and congruent in your thoughts, words, feelings and hence actions does get you closer to your desires.

You are a life coach by profession. Do you owe the current success as a writer to your profession?

     Absolutely, writing this book was incidental, I wrote lots of “how-to” articles, my first was “Marriages May End but Families are Forever” to help divorced couples continue to “Co-parent” effectively. That article led to my faith that I could write and people liked to read it. Being a life coach, with the training, tools and years and hours of experience and mentoring that it included, as well as seeing my clients’ achieve their dreams and desires and find their own emotional independence contributed to the wealth of this book. I guess it also gave me a sense of authority to be firm about some things in the book. Having been in personal development for over 12 years now, and having built a reputation backed with credentials, associations and the experience helps, you wouldn’t want to take heed to the suggestions of an amateur, so yes my life coaching profession has helped ME grow as a person and a writer.

Who are the target readers of the book?

      I would have said, people who are like me, or have shared similar challenges, obesity, lack of self esteem, broken relationships, financial challenges, but then as it continues to get to the hands of happy readers I have noticed, that the “unusual suspects” are also finding gems in the book and have embraced many of the teachings. I have been so blessed that the book has made it to the hands of world renowned authors including Jack Canfield (of Chicken Soup For the Soul) and in these ways, I hope the book will be embraced by anyone who wants an easy – to – read and light spin on personal growth.

How is urban life in India different from that in Jakarta and Sydney where you spent many years of your early life?   

     It isn’t much different I think. For me, I am now living the life of my dreams, so India is just geography. Having said that I love living in Mumbai, it is the first time that I am the same skin-color and family values and some of the paradigms as the masses and I really like that. I also enjoy being in such a diverse and growth- focused city. The only thing I really miss about Sydney is my daughter, who is there in her third year of University.

Do urban Indians need life coaching on stress management, time management, professional development, etc?

      Need is a funny word, we don’t really need anything more, people reading this are resourceful. We all are. The life coach isn’t actually a need, but rather like a partner to serving you while you pursue your higher wants. Professional development is awesome though, people who are willing to commit time and money to improving the way they see themselves and the world do extract more juice out of life and in turn give back more as well. One by one is making the world a better place through practicing personal power, gratitude and compassion.

What is your next move as a writer?   

      As a writer, I have a few projects lined up, most of them alone and some possible “co-authorships”. This book is meant to be the first in a trilogy and I am now working on one that is mainly aimed at emotional independence and one at women’s sexuality, I had also started writing a book on the profession “Life Coaching” but let’s see which one begs to be completed first. I run workshops and I am writing more and more modules and training programs. I would love to be able to write at least 1 book and be a part of several smaller publications every year in the non-fiction and personal development genre.

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